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What’s the Difference Between a Data Lake and Data Warehouse?

Do you know the difference between a data lake and a data warehouse? If not, you’re not alone — many believe these terms are interchangeable. 

Topics: AWS, Data

Cloud Security Best Practices to Safeguard Your Organization

While convenient, common rapid cloud adoptions can overshadow cloud security and governance objectives, leaving your organization’s data vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.  

Topics: Onix, Cloud Migration, Infrastructure, Security

AWS 101: What is Amazon S3 and Why Should I Use It?

No matter where you are in the process of moving to the AWS cloud, from consideration to the migration process, it’s always important to learn more about what it is, how it works, and how you can optimize it for your organization.  In this blog, we...

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, AWS

How Data Solves Real Life Healthcare Problems

Data is at the core of everything — and healthcare is no exception. In fact, it’s even more important due to the enormous amount and non-structured (notes) data. 

Topics: Health and Life Sciences, Data

How A Zero Trust Security Model Can Improve Your Organization

As remote work continues to become increasingly popular, employees are creating and accessing sensitive data from their homes and other remote locations, causing a number of security concerns for organizations of all sizes. 

Topics: Google Workspace, Remote Work, Security

9 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using a Cloud-Based Intranet

As more organizations transition and adapt to remote work, it’s essential to offer employees an efficient internal communication system. One way to provide this is through a cloud-based intranet solution, which is a cost-effective way to promote...

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration, Intranet, Partners

How to Leverage a Modern Data Strategy: Framework for Success

It’s no longer enough to simply collect data. Today, we know data has the ability to help organizations retain customers, manage supply chains, create new revenue streams,  and build more efficient businesses, so it’s vital to put the data we...

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4 Reasons to Choose Google Voice for Your Business

Missed calls could be missed opportunities for your business. However, tools like Google Voice can help you answer all of your calls, create incredible customer experiences, and improve your organization.  Google Voice is a user-friendly,...

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration, Remote Work

Getting Started with Chatbots and Conversational AI

In today’s market, digital interactions are everywhere. People — from customers to business partners — expect to find information and resources online. Chatbots powered by AI enable companies to deliver remarkable digital experiences and efficiently...

Topics: Chatbots, AI, Artificial Intelligence

AWS Cloud Migration: Modernize Your Data and Analytics With Ease

Many organizations are migrating and modernizing their existing analytics workloads at scale in the cloud through platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Through Onix Analytics Modernization (OAM), our unique and practical approach to migration...

Topics: Cloud Migration

News: Ron Rerko Joins Onix’s Healthcare & Life Sciences Division

Lakewood, Ohio 11/3/2021 - Onix, a leading cloud solutions provider, Google Cloud Premier Partner and AWS Advanced Consulting Partner is pleased to announce that Ron Rerko has joined the team as Director of Healthcare & Life Sciences. Ron has more...

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News: Onix Releases Google Cloud Healthcare API Benchmarking Whitepaper

Lakewood, Ohio 10/26/2021 - Onix, a leading cloud solutions provider and Google Cloud Premier Partner was selected by Google Cloud to benchmark the performance and scalability of its Cloud Healthcare API in a high data volume experimental test. Onix...

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Moving from Google Classic Sites to New Sites? Read this.

An evolution is underway and the era of Google’s classic Sites will soon be eclipsed by new Sites. For businesses that haven’t yet made the move, it’s time to understand the changes and develop a strategy to streamline the transition.

Topics: Support, Google Workspace

Enterprise Guide to Deploying Google Workspace in 90 Days or Less

Deploying Google Workspace in your organization may sound overwhelming and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. By working with a cloud solutions provider like Onix, we can support your organization as you seamlessly adopt Google Workspace in...

Topics: Google Workspace

News: Onix, first North American partner to become Happeo certified, Happeo opens its office in New York City

New York 09/30/2021 - Happeo, the social intranet built to make work a happier place, today announced that North America has become Happeo’s fastest-growing market, in large part due to Happeo’s first certified partner, Onix. To further service its...

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6 Benefits of Moving to the Cloud (vs. On-Premise)

Moving your data center to the cloud is critical in today’s fast-paced, competitive marketplace. It helps you cut back on expenses, expand your resources, and have an edge over your competitors for future success.  As an organization considering the...

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Migration

Three Key Reasons for Cloud Computing in Healthcare

As healthcare and life sciences evolve, organizations in these spaces must capitalize on innovation and efficiency-driving technology to continue to thrive in the next decade. For an increasing number of these organizations, the future is now.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Health and Life Sciences

Intro to AppSheet: Workplace Transformation at Your Fingertips

Spreadsheets and databases provide the foundation for a wide-range of applications, but now there’s a better way to rapidly build secure and managed applications. With AppSheet, you can quickly create amazing, flexible workflows and apps with your...

Topics: App Development, Partners, App Modernization

Moving past SharePoint: Power Up with AODocs and Google Workspace

As solution providers push customers toward newer cloud offerings, enterprises with on-premise products are hitting end-of-life issues. If the returns from your SharePoint system are diminishing, Google Workspace and AODocs offer a light and agile...

Topics: Google Workspace

News: Onix Wins the 2020 Google Cloud Social Impact Partner of the Year Award for Healthcare

[Lakewood, Ohio July 20, 2021] Onix has received the 2020 Google Cloud Social Impact Partner of the Year for Healthcare award for achievement in the Google Cloud ecosystem by creating compassionate connections between patients, families and...

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Techie Tuesday: A Conversation with Nickolaos Contaxakis

Techie Tuesday introduces you to a different member of our technical team giving you an insider’s view on what it’s really like to work in the industry.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Migration

Why You Should Invest in a Google Workspace Intranet

As employees become physically dispersed working in offices or at home, they need a way to stay in touch and connected with colleagues. That’s where an intranet comes in.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration, Partners

Benefits of Moving from Exchange to Google Workspace

If your Exchange system is consuming too much time and attention, it may be time to explore alternatives. Google Workspace provides organizations of all sizes with powerful email, calendar and other productivity tools while reducing administrators’...

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

A Dazzling Decade of Chromebook Hints at a Bright Future

Ten years ago, Chromebooks arrived and the effects on the consumer and business spaces have been enormous. But it isn’t just the past that’s interesting—the Chromebook and Chrome OS are also poised to carry computing into an exciting future.

Topics: Chrome OS, Cloud Collaboration

Pandemic Reprioritizes the Need for Interoperability in Healthcare

To maximize the value of healthcare data, solution providers must overcome traditional interoperability challenges. The new Google Cloud Healthcare API enables industry innovators to share, ingest and analyze information in a secure and scalable way.

Topics: Health and Life Sciences, Data

Techie Tuesday: A Conversation with Alan Smith

Techie Tuesday shines a spotlight on the members of Onix’s services team by allowing them to tell their work and life stories.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Migration

Zoom Fatigue? Try Google Meet for Team Collaboration

Standalone conferencing platforms boomed during the past year, but disparate systems lack the synergy of more centralized solutions. Google Meet delivers the collaborative experience users crave while giving administrators enterprise-level control.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration, Remote Work

5 Steps to Boost your Google Workspace Security

Keeping up with emerging threats and deploying tools to fight them can be a challenge. We've put together five quick action items to help improve your security and protect your Google Workspace environment.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Security

Equifax Chooses Collaboration Gold Standard with Google Workspace

In this era of growing collaboration and workplace mobility, consumer credit reporting agency Equifax wanted to improve its internal collaboration and build a flexible, mobile work environment. Its legacy system didn’t support the kind of secure,...

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

Modernize Content Management and Communications in Google Workspace

Why would you want to look for an alternative collaboration platform? There are many reasons. Some see a decrease in costs by moving everything to the cloud. 

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration, Partners

Streamline Your Processes in Google Workspace with AODocs and Happeo

On-prem solutions don’t always provide the scalability and functionality enterprises need. SharePoint is one system that hasn’t seen much competition, but new integrations in Google Workspace finally provide a flexible, cloud-first alternative.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration, Partners

DevOps 101: 5 DevOps Tools to Consider

Even though DevOps is a cultural concept, that doesn’t mean there aren’t tools to help your development and production teams. There’s more to it than just good vibes and the spirit of cooperation.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, DevOps

Google Workspace and the Advantages of Cloud Security

We’re only a few months into the year and it already looks like breach fatigue has taken hold. The latest breach to hit the headlines is the Microsoft Exchange hack and the potential exposure of more than 60,000 organizations, a figure that keeps...

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Security

Techie Tuesday: A Conversation with Raghu Siddegowda

Techie Tuesday brings attention to our hardworking and dedicated services team at Onix by sharing their stories.

Topics: Cloud Migration

4 Tips for Successfully Building a Data-Driven Culture

Data is more than just files and information. It drives what your company does every day. Good data drives better business decisions by allowing you to establish benchmarks for optimizing operations to better meet your goals.

Topics: Data

Analytics Update: Using Looker to Make Your Data Talk

Everyone wants fresh insights. When it comes to making the most of your institutional data, it’s important to have a defined plan for how you are going to manage analytics. After all, that’s what helps you surface your data’s true power.

Topics: Data

Techie Tuesday: A Conversation with Lisa Hester

Techie Tuesday spotlights the talented and diverse tech talent at Onix. It’s where we introduce you to the people on our stellar services team.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure

How Does Chatbot-Driven Digital Self-Service Work?

Chatbots and virtual assistants create a conversational experience. They help people find information and answers to their questions. They also help people get things done by using automated tasks and workflows.

Topics: Enterprise Search, AWS, Kendra

Onix Joins CRN's 2021 MSP 500 List

CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named Onix to its 2021 Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list in the Pioneer 250 category. The list, released annually, recognizes the leading North American solution providers that have demonstrated...

Topics: News, Onix, Managed Services

5 Things to Know About  Managing Google Workspace

Since Google Workspace, formerly G Suite, launched in October 2020, you’ve probably heard all sorts of things about enhanced collaborative features, better meeting experiences and more ways to increase organizational productivity. But what about...

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

Do You Understand the Difference Between AI and ML?

Too often, the terms artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are used interchangeably. It’s not entirely wrong, as they are related, but they are not the same thing. There’s a difference between AI and ML. Do you know what that is?

Topics: Data

NEWS: Onix Receives LumApps Partner Award

In today’s competitive marketplace, it helps to have strong partners to support your business. In the case of LumApps, a leader in intranet platforms, one of those partners is the leading cloud solutions provider, Onix. In recognition of this...

Topics: News, Partners, Onix

Make Tracking Your Work Easier Than Ever with Google Tables

I’ve been in the technology industry for a long time, including 10 years at Google. And during my years in the workforce, I’ve always had a difficult time tracking projects. Our teams stored notes and related tasks in different documents. Those...

Topics: Events, Cloud Collaboration

Update: How to Pass the AWS Solutions Architect Professional Exam

The AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam (SA Pro) is known as one of the most difficult IT certifications to acquire. It’s also one of the most sought-after certifications in the industry. It certainly lives up to its reputation.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, AWS

DevOps 101: Breaking Down the DevOps Maturity Model

When you’re building a DevOps culture within your organization, remember this: DevOps isn’t a destination; it’s an ongoing journey of collaboration, quality, automation and reliability in your development and release pipeline.

Topics: DevOps, App Modernization

Techie Tuesday: A Conversation with Trevor Warren

Techie Tuesday is our way of honoring Onix’s tech talent. It’s an opportunity for us to introduce our behind the scenes team and shine a light on them and their achievements.

Topics: Data

Onix Gains ISO 27001 Certification for IT Security

Onix has achieved ISO 27001 certification for its Information Security Management System (ISMS) by demonstrating conformance to its documented ISMS requirements comprising technical and organizational security controls. Marcum RAS, LLC issued the...

Topics: News, Cloud Security, Onix

GCP 101: Exploring Google Cloud Operations Suite

Google Cloud operations suite (formerly Stackdriver) monitors, troubleshoots and can be used to help improve application performance across your organization’s Google Cloud environment.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, GCP

Techie Tuesday: A Conversation with Neha Khivansara

Techie Tuesday celebrates the tech talent that we have at Onix. Here, we highlight a different member of our technical team while sharing a more personal side of them.

Topics: Google Maps Platform

Introducing the Onix 2020 Top 10 Cloud Blogs

2020 wasn’t the year anyone expected, but it was the year we got. As we all learned to pivot and go with the flow, we tried different ways of working and connecting. The cloud played an integral part in this transformation.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, News, Cloud Collaboration

2020 Wrap Up: Better Cloud Computing in a Challenging Year

We made it. In a little more than a week, we’ll enter 2021 and leave the craziness of 2020 behind us. While the year posed many challenges to the world of cloud computing, it powered a whole new way to work across various industries.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Health and Life Sciences, Cloud Collaboration, Data, Cloud Security, Cloud Migration

Understanding a Data Warehouse: What You Need to Know

Data warehouses aren’t a new concept. These tried-and-true central information repositories have proven to be indispensable to organizations as they navigate the complexities of a competitive business environment.

Topics: Data

Is Your Team Ready for the New Now?

As workers have rapidly discovered, work isn’t necessarily a place they go to each morning. Today’s work-from-anywhere environment has made co-workers someone you chat and work with virtually versus sitting next to them at the office.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

Techie Tuesday: A Conversation with Courtney Cline

Techie Tuesday is where you can learn about our technical talent at Onix. It’s our way of introducing our best-in-class services team.

Topics: Cloud Collaboration

Data: Your Most Strategic Asset Drives Smart Decisions

Smart decisions are data-driven. Organizations with a data-driven culture use data as a strategic asset. They can improve decision making by capturing, cleaning, and curating meaningful data from across the business.

Topics: Partners, Data

Google Cloud Print Deprecates on Dec. 31. Are You Ready?

As we kick off this final month of 2020, it’s a good time for Chrome Enterprise users to remember that Google Cloud Print deprecates this month. If you use it and haven’t yet migrated to a new solution, you need to make this change ASAP.

DevOps 101: Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Continuous integration. Continuous delivery. These two DevOps processes rely on each other to automate a software-defined lifecycle through agile development and deployment. That’s a lot of information to absorb, right?

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, DevOps

AWS 101: Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch

Whether you’re thinking about a cloud migration or have made the leap to AWS, you probably want to know how to keep track of your organization’s digital environment. Amazon Web Services provides easy monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, AWS

NEWS: Onix Earns AWS Well-Architected Partner Status

Onix is pleased to announce that we have joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Well-Architected Partner Program, a further step in our growing partnership with AWS.

Topics: News, AWS, Onix

Why Use a Data Lake?

In the world of big data, there are many good reasons why to use a data lake. After all, where else can you store both raw and organized data until you need it? In a world bombarded by information, a data lake is a great thing to have.

Topics: Data

GCP 101: Understanding Google Cloud VPC

In the alphabet soup of the Google Cloud, you’ve probably come across the abbreviation, VPC. What exactly do those three letters stand for and what role do they play in your Google Cloud services environment?

Topics: GCP, Infrastructure

Techie Tuesday: A Conversation with Mike Treacy

Techie Tuesday is our way of sharing the depth of our technical talent at Onix. These employees often work behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly.

Topics: Support

How Do I Optimize My Places API Usage and Billing?

It can be tough to optimize your cloud usage and spend. For example, those great Google Maps you’re sharing on your website can tally up costs quickly on a pay-as-you-go basis. All of the APIs used in those maps are billed that way.

Topics: Geospatial Services, Cloud Billing

AWS 101: Understanding Amazon Elastic Block Store

Storage for mission-critical systems and the most-demanding workloads needs to deliver robust performance day in and day out. Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) saves the day with reliable, scalable persistent block-level storage volumes in the AWS...

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, AWS, Data

Techie Tuesday: A Conversation with Gerald (Jerry) Van Guilder

Techie Tuesday shares the stories of Onix’s technical team members who have committed their work-life — and sometimes personal life to technology and innovation.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure

News: Onix Expands Partnership with Google Cloud

Onix has signed an expanded agreement with Google Cloud to accelerate its growth and grow customer adoption of Google Cloud products and solutions. Under this agreement, Onix will leverage its world-class services team to drive the adoption of...

Topics: News, Onix

DevOps 101: What Problems Does DevOps Solve?

Speed. Improvement. More. Now. These days, market demand is unrelenting. Too often, organizations find themselves struggling to keep up, be productive, meet production goals and deliver exceptional customer value in the app development cycle.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, DevOps

Onix Earns Top Cloud Consultancy Rankings from Industry Publications

Onix has recently been recognized for multiple honors with leading tech industry publications for its excellence in cloud consulting services and its culture as a tech industry employer. The honors were awarded by publishers TechTimes and TMC.

Topics: News, Onix

Building a Future-Proof Digital Workplace

Now more than ever, getting ready for the digital workplace is a vital task for many businesses across the world. Moving data to the cloud can cause concern about security, speed and business continuity for many organizations.

Topics: Cloud Collaboration

5 Important Steps in Developing a Data Strategy

Your data plays a starring role in business planning. That’s why your organization needs to understand how it supports your operations and growth. All of that stored information is one of your most important assets and competitive advantages.

Topics: Data

Techie Tuesday: A Conversation with Greg Hohenbrink

We continue to highlight the best and brightest of Onix’s technical talent. Techie Tuesday celebrates and shares insights from our world-class team.

6+ Successful, Effective Steps for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation empowers companies to work more efficiently and profitably by implementing the latest digital technologies. We live in a digital age and businesses need to know how to adapt and update to retain a competitive advantage.

Topics: Cloud Collaboration, Intranet, Partners

Latest OnSpend Updates Customize Cloud Billing Management

Cloud billing and budget management in a pay-as-you-go digital world is a must. You need tools to keep track of cloud usage and to provide granular details of how your cloud infrastructure is being utilized, especially because no one has the exact...

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, OnSpend

News: Onix Maps Team Earns New Google Cloud Expertise Nods

The Onix Geospatial Services team has achieved three additional Expertise designations in Google Cloud’s Partner Advantage program. This brings our Expertise total to four. The newly earned categories include SMB, Law and Government and Asset...

Topics: Geospatial Services, News, Google Maps Platform

Onix Designated as AWS DevOps Competency Partner

Onix is pleased to be named an Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps Competency Partner. AWS Competencies are granted to AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners that have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution...

Topics: News, AWS

A Brief History of SaaSOps (And Why it Matters)

When I accepted my job at BetterCloud earlier this year, my wife asked me one question: What is SaaSOps? I knew the answer, but didn’t do a great job of explaining it at first.

Meet Google Workspace: The Tools Formerly Known as G Suite

We all know that work is transforming. The unprecedented events of 2020 have only hastened the need for better, more powerful ways to communicate, collaborate and work together as a team from any location in the world. 

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

Techie Tuesday: A Conversation with Jes Banks

Techie Tuesday highlights the depth of technical talent we have here at Onix. Each member of our team brings their own set of unique talents and skills to our culture and clients.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure

AWS 101: Amazon CloudFront Service Solves Data Delivery Woes

Website visitors don’t want to wait for content. Digital experiences demand immediate gratification, so if your static website content loads slowly or not at all, you could lose visitors. No one wants that.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, AWS

GCP 101: Exploring Google Cloud SQL Database

No move to the cloud is complete without considering what to do with your databases. Do you leave them in your data center or on-prem legacy server or do you migrate them to the cloud? Migrating databases isn’t as hard as you think.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, GCP

4 Reasons Why Chromebooks are Better than Windows Laptops

A decade or so ago, a successful consumer ad campaign compared Macs to Windows PCs, as if they were people. These ads ran between 2006 and 2009, a few years before the first Chromebooks came onto the scene.

Topics: Chrome OS, Cloud Collaboration

Modernizing Legacy Systems via the Cloud

Organizations can face challenges with information management systems. Dated technology stacks, built on-premises in expensive data centers, with little positive user-experience cause huge problems from technical and staffing perspectives.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure

Working in the Cloud: Say No to Remote Worker FOMO

Q2 2020 changed the way people work. Possibly forever. Thanks to COVID-19, more workers than ever have been waking up, grabbing their coffee and enjoying an easy commute to another room in their house. Work from anywhere has been the norm.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

Techie Tuesday: A Conversation with Hunter Lynne

Techie Tuesday introduces you to a technical team member at Onix and gives you insight into how they got started in technology and what keeps them in the field.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Onix

DevOps 101: The Strategic Partnership Between DevOps and the Cloud

In many ways, DevOps and the cloud truly are the proverbial “perfect match.” They’re two forces that combine to help organizations embark upon a powerful digital transformation in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, DevOps

Identifying & Remediating Security Issues Using Automation

If there’s one thing I could see and hear less of in 2021, it’s the word “unprecedented”. That one word has been maxed out in 2020. We’ve seen it in social media posts, on communications from work and school.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure

How to Cut Your Archived User License Costs

License costs are often a mounting sum in many organizations. One of the biggest obstacles when trying to streamline budget numbers in this area is archived data pertaining to former employees. The costs around that can add up over time.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Security, Cloud Billing

AWS 101: A Look at AWS Database Services

Moving to a cloud computing environment wouldn’t be complete without including databases in the mix. If you’re moving your applications to a cloud infrastructure, why not also migrate the databases supporting your critical workloads?

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, AWS, Databases

Techie Tuesday: A Conversation with Dustin Keib

Techie Tuesday continues to showcase Onix’s tech talent while giving you an inside look at what it’s like to work in the industry.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Onix

Email Encryption 101

With so much data stored in and shared via the corporate inbox, email is a prime target for attackers and other malicious actors. Developing a comprehensive security strategy is a must.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration, Partners, Cloud Security

Savvy Cost Management Relies on Automated Cost Controls

Cloud cost governance can be tricky, especially when you have many resources and budgets to manage. Automated cloud cost controls can simplify this process and automatically trigger actions to reduce the risk of going over budget.

Topics: OnSpend, Cloud Billing

GCP 101: What is Cloud DNS?

IT infrastructure isn’t the only thing you can migrate from a legacy environment to Google Cloud Platform. Have you considered the impact of using legacy servers for hosting your domain name system (DNS) versus those of a cloud provider?

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, GCP

Migrating off of Classic Google Sites

When products are deprecated, it can cause great panic and require lots of planning to properly migrate that content or use case to a new solution. Classic Google Sites is one of those products that has a timeline for deprecation.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

The Crisis in the Call Center

It was only recently after waiting 45 mins to speak to a well-known electronic retailer about a purchase issue, that it occurred to me that maybe traditional call centers are a little stressed right now.

Topics: Enterprise Search

Accelerating Deployment of the Google Cloud Healthcare API

Earlier this year, Google released its Cloud Healthcare API to the general public in order to help researchers, developers, and data scientists make use of often siloed and disconnected healthcare data. 

Topics: Health and Life Sciences

Onix: Amazon EC2 for MS Windows Service Delivery Partner

Onix has earned Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) for Windows Server Service Delivery status in the Amazon Partner Network (APN) as part of its roster of AWS solutions.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, News, AWS, Onix

Techie Tuesday: A Conversation with Michael Sliwka

We’re back with another installment of Techie Tuesday. This is an ongoing series where you get an inside look on what it’s like to work in tech.

Topics: Geospatial Services, Onix

Collaboration Comparison: Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365

When it comes to cloud-based productivity tools in the workplace, you generally have two choices: Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and Microsoft 365. Chances are you’ve used at least one of them, if not both, but which is best for your...

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration, Remote Work

Onix Guides The Garland Company through AWS Cloud Expansion

The Garland Company has continuously evolved to keep business growing and roofs over people’s heads since 1895. Part of this Cleveland-based manufacturer’s longevity is that its leadership isn’t shy about adopting the latest technologies.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, AWS, Case Studies

3 Signs It’s Time to Adopt Google Chrome Enterprise

These days, everyone is talking about remote work. How long will it last? Will organizations keep doing it now that they’ve tried it? And how do you get the best results out of your team and your computing environment? 

Topics: Chrome OS, Cloud Collaboration

DevOps 101: What Does DevOps Mean & Why Do I Need it?

If you’re familiar with the cloud even a little bit, you’ve probably heard the term “DevOps” mentioned more than once. While it sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, it’s a digital movement that improves life in the cloud. 

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, DevOps

Finding the Way: Google Maps Platform Places API

When users search for a location in your app, wouldn’t it be nice to not just show it on a map but also deliver rich details to help them better understand the specifics of that point of interest? Something much more than a pin on a map?

Topics: Geospatial Services, Google Maps Platform

5 Pillars of Effective Workplace Collaboration

Building a collaborative workplace can be a challenge, yet it’s one that’s worthwhile when done right. A truly collaborative workplace tends to benefit not just the team members but also the company as a whole. 

Topics: Cloud Collaboration

AWS 101: What is Amazon S3 Glacier Storage?

Are you holding off on moving to the cloud because you think it will cost more to pay a service provider to store your infrequently used data than having an on-premise environment? Many companies do overpay for archival storage, but it doesn’t have...

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, AWS

Techie Tuesday: A Conversation with Scott Cruze

Our Techie Tuesday series highlights a member of Onix’s technical team, who shares their insights and tips for working in the industry. 

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure

NEWS: Onix Demonstrates Expertise In Google Maps Platform

Onix has successfully achieved Expertise in Google Maps Platform as a part of Google Cloud’s Partner Advantage Program. Achieving this Expertise means that Onix has demonstrated strong customer success with Google Maps Platform.

Topics: News, Google Maps Platform

Onix Achieves Google Cloud Managed Services Provider Status

We’re proud to announce Onix has achieved the Managed Services Provider status in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program by demonstrating end-to-end customer lifecycle service delivery capabilities. 

Topics: Support, News, Onix, Managed Services

Engaging Your Employees in 2020

I've been a remote employee for almost 10 years now and counting. I love it, but for many people, it's been a new  experience for them this year. It’s been tough for some. Others have easily embraced it or are finally getting used to it.

Topics: Cloud Collaboration, Intranet, Remote Work

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants are Getting Smarter

When was the last time you conversed with SharePoint? Does your company’s instant messaging platform allow you to quickly find resources in your organization? Can customers simply ask questions on your website without ever having to contact you? 

Topics: Enterprise Search, Kendra

Techie Tuesday: A Conversation with Scott Mabe

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of your favorite technical expert looks like? We’ve got you covered with our latest blog series Techie Tuesday. 

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure

How to Keep Cloud Spend from Spiraling Out of Control

If there’s one thing on every organization’s collective mind right now, it’s budget. Or, rather, spending and how to keep it in check to stay on target. This definitely holds true for tracking cloud spend with remote working on the rise.

Topics: OnSpend, Cloud Billing

How to Bulletproof Your Google Workspace Environment

Month after month, cyber security tops the headlines with a new malicious hack. Maybe it involves stealing thousands of user credentials or hard-earned profits in Bitcoin or via cash transfers. There’s a never ending stream of breaches.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration, Partners, Cloud Security

GCP 101: Let’s Talk About Google Cloud Storage

We’ve talked a lot about the different things Google Cloud Platform can do in recent blogs, but we haven’t fully touched upon how you store your data in GCP. With that in mind, get ready to take a deeper look at Google Cloud Storage.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, GCP

AWS 101: What is Amazon Route 53?

When you’re connecting with a web page, you enter a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) into the browser to reach a certain internet location. This is how you identify it on your device’s web browser. You don’t want to end up on the wrong website.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, AWS

SaaSOps 101: Using SaasOps for Remote Work in the Cloud

Recent events have caused many companies to go through their digital transformations at warp-speed, requiring IT to turn on a dime and adopt more SaaS applications to support either long term or permanent work from home plans. 

Topics: Partners, Cloud Security, Remote Work

Yes, You’ll Soon be Running Windows Apps on Chromebooks

When it has come to running Windows apps on Chromebooks, there’s always been a separation of church and state, so to speak. These two products ran parallel but never touched each other. The idea was unheard of. An untouchable concept, right?

Topics: Chrome OS, Cloud Collaboration

Kubernetes 101: Breaking Down a Kubernetes Deployment

Hello, all of you Kubernetes fans. Believe it or not, we’ve reached the end of our journey into the magical, mystical world of Kubernetes. Over this series of blogs, we’ve looked at how this solution works and examined its parts in detail.

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Legacy Systems in Business Slow Collaboration, Says AODocs

The software that your organization uses to manage information and processes is failing you. It has limited features, it’s hard-to-use, it’s costing a lot of money just to keep it maintained, and last, but not least, it’s becoming a repellent for...

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New Google Maps Customization Features Add Branded Touch

Google Maps Platform reigns as the gold standard in location-based solutions with 1 billion monthly active users, 99% coverage of the world and 25 million daily updates. That’s on top of its reliable, comprehensive, real-time location information.

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Escape Microsoft Licensing and Switch to Google Workspace

When do you usually stop and wonder if it’s time to retire Microsoft Exchange or Outlook and find a new collaboration and productivity solution? For most organizations, license renewal sparks talk of change.

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MaxSold Uses Amazon RDS to Solve Online Auction Availability

Downsizing a home, a loved one’s estate or even a business can be challenging. How do you get rid of all that stuff? Canadian-based online auctioneer MaxSold virtually connects sellers and buyers together in Canada and the United States.

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Cloud Cost Management: Reconciling Actual to Budget in GCP

In today’s pay-as-you-go cloud computing environment, it never hurts to be cost-conscious and keep a close eye on your Google Cloud Platform spend. Sure, you’ve set a budget, but does your actual spend stay in line with those parameters?

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GCP 101: How Autoscaling Works in Google Cloud

Does increased traffic in your pay-as-you-go infrastructure make you nervous? It shouldn’t, particularly if you’re operating in a Google Cloud Platform environment. You have the power to manage traffic going to your virtual machines (VMs) and...

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Deliver Hyperlocal Content with Google Maps Local Context

When it comes to local maps and location-based services, one thing drives how these solutions work and continue to grow and develop. No, it’s not a great looking map or a solid app, although both features are definitely important.

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No Perimeter: Zero Trust & BeyondCorp Remote Access

With the rapid proliferation of remote work and the use of virtual private networks (VPN) over the past few months, we’ve seen customers run into many challenges with their remote-access VPN. These include bandwidth and security concerns.

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Are You Ready for the Deskless Workplace?

A couple of years ago, the concept of work from anywhere was something most organizations discussed but few actually used. Things have changed...rapidly. Today most organizations have moved into a work from anywhere mode, at least temporarily.

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Kubernetes 101: Container Orchestration in the Cloud

Welcome to our next look at Kubernetes in the cloud. As we’ve learned so far, K8s is all about applications. It drives them in a manner similar to how a locomotive powers a freight train and all of its key components, which we’ve discussed. 

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What is Google Workspace Essentials and Why Should I Use It?

Who knew that 2020 would be the year the world dove headfirst into workplace cloud collaboration? With workers across all industries heading from their desks at HQs to home offices, the way the world works is changing. Possibly forever.

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AWS 101: Using AWS Auto Scaling to Manage Infrastructure

Welcome back to another in-depth look at what makes Amazon Web Services work for you. In this latest blog, we’re going to take a look at using AWS Auto Scaling to ensure you get steady, reliable resource performance at the lowest possible cost.

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Chrome Enterprise & Imprivata OneSign Deliver Secure SSO

Google Cloud has been building a relationship with Imprivata, a leading healthcare IT security provider. The two organizations are working to enable Chrome devices to work seamlessly with Imprivata OneSign®, a single-sign-on (SSO) platform.

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GCP 101: How to Use Google Compute Engine

Did you know that Google Cloud has its own secure and reliable infrastructure as a service (IaaS) component that’s built on the same infrastructure as the tried-and-true Google search engine and other services?

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Natural Language Enterprise Search Improves Info Gathering

Most organizations have some form of search platform at the office, and it’s something that you probably take for granted. You’re used to typing in a file name into a search bar and find it. And if you can’t, you just ask the person in the office...

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NEWS: Cloud Billing Got Even Easier with OnSpend by Onix Updates

Keeping track of your cloud usage and spend doesn’t have to be time-consuming. OnSpend by Onix simplifies these tasks and now is even better thanks to newly introduced features and improvements.

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Amazon Kendra Delivers the Power of Machine Learning and Search

Onix is proud to participate in the launch of Amazon Kendra, a highly accurate and easy to use enterprise search service powered by machine learning from Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS launched the solution earlier this week.

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New Google Workspace Updates Deliver Enhanced Security and Efficiency

You’ve likely already heard about the enhanced Google Meet Enterprise, a key component of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). But that’s not the only news to come out of Google Cloud. Google rolled out other new Google Workspace updates at the end...

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AWS 101: Why You Should be Deploying AWS Lambda to Run Code

Running code can get tricky and time-consuming. After all, you need to provision and manage your servers to make it happen, right? Not if you’re in the cloud and are deploying AWS Lambda. You don’t even have to think about servers.

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Kubernetes 101: What are Containers and Pods

Hello, friends. It’s Scott Mabe again, back to discuss more about Kubernetes. Chances are that word makes you immediately think about containers. You’re not wrong to do that, but we need to better define what containers are. Oh, and pods, too.

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Slack 101: Controlling App Infrastructure with Slack Bots

Hello, friends. It’s Dustin Keib. I’m here to discuss one of my favorite topics: ChatOps. That’s right, we’re going to talk about using bots in Slack to control application infrastructure in this first Slack Bots 101 blog.

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The Modern Search Experience: 4 Reasons to Upgrade Now

At some point, you’ve probably encountered that familiar McKinsey statistic. The one that says workers spend up to 20% of their week searching for documents and other institutional knowledge. In today’s remote work world, that’s too long.

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Explore New Google Meet Features for Better Virtual Meetings

You spoke, and Google Cloud listened. The company has extended advanced Google Meet features to all users of this secure video conferencing platform. These four new additions enhance the virtual meeting experience for everyone on the call.

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Simplify Google Workspace Provisioning with CloudM Solutions

As technology advances, so does the vision that organizational leaders have for their enterprises. Cloud-first strategies are now commonplace. Leaders today need to focus on making the most of the cloud and the opportunities it presents.

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Shutting Down: 5 Tips for Ending Your Remote Work Day

When that proverbial 5 o’clock whistle blows at the office, you straighten your desk, log off of your computer, grab your work bag and head out the door. But what happens when you reach the end of your remote work day? Do you keep working?

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Working Remotely? Get Started Using Google Meet

These days, most everyone is working remotely and is finding the best ways to connect with each other online through email, chat and video-conferencing. Have you found a way that works for you? If not, keep reading.

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NEWS: Try Google Meet Enterprise on a No-Charge Trial Basis

These days work can happen from anywhere, on any device. But workers still need to stay in touch. Google Meet Enterprise Suite gives these remote employees a seamless way to connect, as long as they have internet service.

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AWS 101: What is Amazon WorkSpaces?

Not all workers have access to company laptops in today’s growing work-from-anywhere world. Many institutions still use desktop computers. So what does that mean when an entire workforce needs to stay home and work at the same time?

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Onix Wins 11th Google Cloud Partner of the Year Award

Onix has received the 2019 Google Cloud Global Specialization Partner of the Year for Cloud Migration for achievement in the Google Cloud ecosystem by creating comprehensive and compelling cloud migration solutions for joint customers.

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You’ve Got to Move It, Move It: How to Stay Active at Work

Feeling like you are chained to your desk can happen whether you work remotely or in an office. But sometimes as a remote employee, calls get scheduled back-to-back and you just get stuck in your chair. Don’t let that happen!

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The Virtual Watercooler: How to Make Remote Work Fun

Welcome to my regular life. I’ve worked remotely for nearly five years. I’ll confess. It can feel like a bit of the Twilight Zone at first. Many of you likely have never worked from home and have no idea how to make remote work fun.

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Distraction-Free Zone: How to Create a Workspace at Home

So you’re now working from home. A remote work day requires a new way of thinking and planning. You need to figure out how to to create a workspace at home that’s quiet and free of chaos. Finding a distraction-free zone is hard, isn’t it?

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Morning Motivation: How to Start Your Remote Work Day

Work life has changed a bit, hasn’t it? For most people, work has meant getting up, commuting in traffic and working at a bustling office. Right now, however, most of us are learning how to work remotely from home. It’s a different mindset.

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Kubernetes 101: What are Nodes and Clusters?

Welcome back to the next chapter of Kubernetes 101. I’m your host, Scott Mabe, and I’m here to continue the journey through our blog-based primer that examines the wonders of K8s and how it keeps applications available in the cloud.

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Best Practices: How to Use Google Meet for Remote Working

If you’re traveling, working in a remote office or just temporarily working from home, using Google Meet is a great way to collaborate and to maintain your “in-person” work relationships. It makes it easy to hold virtual meetings.

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Five Working from Home Tips and Tricks

Working from a home office requires different thinking. You must stay connected and maintain or even improve your productivity to keep work flowing. There are many things you can do to stay on target and in touch with your colleagues.

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In-Depth Analysis: The ROI of Work from Anywhere Policies

If you’re reading this, you likely clicked because you're looking for creative ways to ensure business continuity. Remote working is an obvious win here, but how do you ensure your teams stay productive and connected during work hours?

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Best Practices: How to Effectively Manage a Remote Team

The sudden shift to remote working in recent days has put a particular strain on managers. They’re finding themselves hustling to figure out how they can keep motivating and leading their teams now that they are dispersed.

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GCP 101: Building a Data Pipeline in Google Cloud Platform

As more data is created, there is an increased need for big data analytics, a field that is expected to reach $103 billion by 2023. In a previous post on Google Cloud Platform, we discussed how Google’s own tool, Big Query is a differentiator for...

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Chrome Relieves Clinic Waiting Room Stress

The era of waiting for hours in an ER, walk-in clinic or urgent care center is over. Healthcare providers in these settings know it’s important to help low-acuity patients easily check-in and slash time spent in the waiting rooms.

Topics: Chrome OS, Health and Life Sciences, Cloud Collaboration, Case Studies

AI-Driven Hiring in the Cloud Reshapes Recruiting

The human resources world has gone high tech. Hiring pros are turning to on-demand, AI-driven digital platforms for video, voice and SMS interviewing. This changes the entire recruiting landscape for Harqen customers.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, GCP, Cloud Migration, Case Studies

AWS 101: How Does Amazon EC2 Work in Cloud Computing?

The first step in moving to the AWS cloud is recognizing it’s time to do it. The second step is planning your migration, including understanding what services will make your cloud deployment work for your organization’s specific needs.

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Google Maps Cloud Billing: Usage and Channel Parameters

When it comes to finding your way, chances are you most often turn to Google Maps when you need directions. You’re not alone. Thousands of organizations across all business sectors turn to Google Maps Platform for in-depth location support.

Topics: Geospatial Services, Google Maps Platform, OnSpend, Cloud Billing

Onix & Happeo Enter Collaborative Communications Partnership

Onix has made a further commitment to enhancing cloud collaboration for customers by joining forces with Happeo, creator of the digital workplace and social intranet software built specifically for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).

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What is Serverless Computing and Why Would I Need It?

Serverless computing continues to gain momentum toward wider enterprise adoption. In fact, both of our infrastructure partners, AWS and Google Cloud Platform now offer serverless computing solutions for enterprise cloud applications.

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Onix Achieves Google Cloud Migration Partner Specialization

Onix today announced that it has achieved the Cloud Migration Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. By earning the Partner Specialization, Onix has proven its expertise and success in building customer solutions in...

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Batteries Plus Unites Google Cloud and Retail Operations

What happens when your trusted data center provider gives notice that it’s shutting down for good? Batteries Plus Bulbs faced that dilemma in 2017 when its data center host announced it was closing production and testing centers in 2019.

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Managing Google Maps Billing to Keep Dumpsters on the Job

When you see a dumpster at a construction site, you likely don’t realize how much behind-the-scenes technology it takes to connect haulers to professional contractors, businesses and DIY enthusiasts who need access to dumpsters on-site.

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Solve Cloud Billing & Budget Management Challenges

Don’t let cloud billing and budget management slow down your productivity and efficiency. We know this side of life in the cloud can be confusing and tedious. That’s why we created a solution that effortlessly integrates with Google Cloud Platform...

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Kubernetes 101: What It Is & Why Apps Need It

Hello friends! Scott Mabe, here again. Are you ready to talk DevOps? Let’s say you overheard someone talking about container orchestration powered by Kubernetes. You hear them discussing pods, clusters, nodes and replication controllers.

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GCP 101: An Introduction to Google Cloud Platform

By 2020, 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud. Will your organization be one of them? Cloud computing is no longer a fad; it is a sustainable option for securing data in a flexible and scalable way that can also save you money in the...

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re:Invent Recap: Taking the Next Steps in the AWS Cloud

It’s hard to believe AWS re:Invent has already come and gone. I’m going to bet each attendee came away with a fresh, new perspective of life in the AWS cloud. I know we fielded a lot of questions at our booth, and I noticed a few trends.

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Update 12/19/19: GCP Receives FedRamp High Authorization

Government officials at the federal, state and local levels, if you're wondering if you could deploy Google Cloud Platform within your organization because of security concerns, great news! FedRAMP says Google Cloud Platform is secure.

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Got Business Resolutions? Here’s Cloud-First Inspiration

‘Tis the season to for resolutions. Losing weight. Exercising more. Reading more books. You know the drill. But what about business resolutions? Those count! Here’s inspiration from the Onix team to get you thinking cloud-first in 2020.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Enterprise Search, Geospatial Services, Cloud Collaboration

What is a Hybrid Cloud Strategy and Why Do I Need One?

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “hybrid cloud” mentioned in conversations. But do you know what it is — and why you should explore it?

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Migration

SaaSOps 101: A Beginner’s Guide to SaaSOps

Every day, at any given time across an organization, workers use software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. These activities are prime targets for security breaches and can benefit from extra protection through something known as SaaS Operations...

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Health & Life Sciences Division Growing Rapidly to Meet Demand

Leading cloud solutions provider Onix is tripling headcount in its Health & Life Sciences division. Onix’s vertically-focused division has already closed over 450 deals in 2019 — and supported over 1000 researchers, helping them gain access to the...

Topics: Health and Life Sciences

How to Avoid Google Maps Platform Billing Surprises

If you aren’t vigilant about tracking your usage and spend for Google Maps Platform, you could be in for a big surprise when you get an invoice. In 2018, Google Cloud announced it was changing the way it bills enterprise users for its location-based...

Topics: Geospatial Services, Google Maps Platform, OnSpend, Cloud Billing

Meet the Deskless Workforce and the Tech Driving it All

Imagine a cloud-free world. From email that’s accessible from any device to streaming music from a cloud service instead of queuing up a CD to doing video chats instead of phone calls, it’s hard to picture a day without the cloud, isn’t it?

Topics: Chrome OS, Cloud Collaboration, Remote Work

AWS 101: How AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Works

Cloud security is one of the biggest concerns organizations have when considering a move to the cloud. Public cloud platforms like Amazon Web Service (AWS) make this easier with free web services to protect you.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, AWS, Cloud Security

Your Google Maps Platform Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday

If you’re a retailer with an online presence, the holiday season is likely your busiest time of the year. Last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales reached close to $14 billion in the United States and are expected to increase this year.

Topics: Geospatial Services, Google Maps Platform

AWS 101: Introduction to Modern Cloud Computing

So you’re ready to start a cloud journey, or at least to start thinking about one. I’m sure you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of questions you have. What are the pros? What are the cons? What cloud services provider should you use?

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, AWS

Cloud Security 101: Ready for Data Breach Threats?

It’s a harsh reality: attackers of corporate IT change their tactics every day. The bad guys are one step ahead, becoming more clever all the time. We’re forced to catch up. But don't give up. You can proactively reduce your risk of a data breach.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Collaboration, Cloud Security

3 Reasons Why You Should be Using a Multi-Cloud Strategy

When you make the leap to cloud computing, you’ll likely find yourself learning new lingo when choosing the right solution. Containers. Permissions. Deployment. And maybe even the term, “multi-cloud strategy.” What exactly does that mean? 

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Migration

Migrating to the Cloud Starts with Exploration

Every process has its early stages. The same goes for migrating to the cloud. You start with targeted investigation and experimentation to test the waters in an attempt to determine if the cloud is a good fit without requiring significant investment.

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How Can I Encourage Workplace Transformation in the Cloud?

Are your on-premise servers slowing you down? Are you looking to transform but are hesitant to leave the tried and true behind for something new? Maybe it’s time to think about making the leap to the cloud for a better way to work.

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Cloud Security 101: Data Breach Training Can Save Millions

Data security has been a hot topic in recent years as more big name organizations report costly data breaches. Equifax, Sony, Capital One and Targetare among several billion-dollar corporations to lose sensitive data at the hands of cyber criminals.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, GCP, AWS, Cloud Security

Here’s Why You Need Cloud-Based, On-Site Search Today

It’s no secret that search engine optimization (SEO) drives website traffic. But did you know that your on-page internet site search can play an important role in converting those eyeballs into revenue and satisfied customers? Here’s why.

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What are the Advantages of Cloud Migration?

Could a move to the cloud be in your future? Last year, enterprise spending on IT infrastructure saw a 13% jump while overall cloud infrastructure spending saw an even bigger increase. We’ll break down the true advantages of cloud migration.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Migration

Why Should I Consider Building a Social Intranet?

Most of your workers likely are well-versed in communicating and collaborating online via their favorite social media platform. Why not build a similar tool to keep them connecting at work? Enter the cloud-based social intranet.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration, Intranet, Partners

Why The Cloud is Better Than a Hard Drive

In today’s digital age, isn’t it time you moved past the terrifying “low-disk-space warning” when the hard drive on your on-premise server starts to reach capacity? Instead of budgeting for a server replacement, why not think cloud instead?

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure

Let's Talk About the Truth Behind the Top 10 Cloud Myths

Cloud computing is here to stay. Gartner predicts that in the next five years, the cloud services industry will grow at nearly three times the rate of overall IT services. But that doesn’t mean cloud myths don’t persist.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Migration

Onix Achieves AWS Advanced Consulting Partner Status

Leading cloud solutions provider Onix has achieved AWS Advanced Consulting Partner status with Amazon Web Services (AWS) through its AWS Partner Network (APN) program.

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Ready for Cloud Migration and Transformation?

A cloud journey can reshape (and improve) the way you do business. Just ask Railserve Inc., the leading provider of in-plant railcar switching for some of North America's largest and most recognized companies.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Migration

Infographic: Know Your Security Blindspots

If you have employees working in the cloud using various apps, you have security blindspots. You know, hidden dangers to your data and infrastructure that you didn't even know existed. Where do you look for them and how do you fix them?

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News! Onix & Lucidworks Launch New PaaS Search Solution

Onix has teamed up with partner Lucidworks to offer “FusionReady by Onix.” This Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) version of Lucidworks’ popular Fusion search product gives users a fully implemented instance that runs with minimal resource drain.

Topics: Enterprise Search, News, Partners, Onix

Cloud Security 101: 4 Data Loss Threats in Offboarding

What happens when an employee leaves your organization — willingly or not? Without a proper offboarding plan, the aftermath could be disastrous. A recent report suggested that globally, the average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million. 

Topics: Cloud Collaboration, Partners, Cloud Security

AWS 101: How AWS Cloud Security Securely Protects Your Data

You have data, you have compliance requirements — and you want to save money and scale quickly, so what are your options when it comes to the cloud? Amazon Web Services (AWS) has you covered with a secure platform based on the services you select.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, AWS, Cloud Security

Could You Survive a Day Without Using the Cloud?

Let's pretend the cloud doesn’t exist. For some, this idea is unimaginable today in the 21st century. You’ve never known anything else. The cloud has always been there. How could you live without cloud-based email or find a new place without Google...

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Enterprise Search, Geospatial Services, Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration, Data, Backup and Disaster Recovery

Google Workspace Security Features Slash Collaboration Risks

Collaborating in the cloud isn’t just the future of today’s workplace; it’s the here and now. Devices, browsers and infrastructure have combined forces to create a cloud-first workplace, one that’s smarter, better and faster than ever before.

Topics: Chrome OS, Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

Is Google Chrome Enterprise Right for Your Organization?

What if I said it’s possible to seamlessly connect your company’s devices to the cloud under a single, secure operating system — from employee laptops, desktops and mobile phones and other devices?

Topics: Chrome OS, Cloud Collaboration

Driving Cloud Digital Transformation for Better Collaboration

Last year, the City of Montreal officials decided to digitally transform the way employees work and collaborate. They wanted to eliminate “obsolete software that no longer meets technological standards” and streamline expanding IT budgets.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Enterprise Search, Geospatial Services, Google Maps Platform, Google Cloud Search, Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration, Cloud Migration

Cloud Collaboration ROI Packs Powerful Punch

How much of an impact can migrating to Google Workspace make? More than you know. While it might seem like choosing among productivity suites is an apples-to-apples decision, deploying the right one for your organization takes thought and planning.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration, Case Studies

The Road to Becoming AWS Certified Is Worth the Journey

Hi friends, Scott Mabe here again. I know we’ve talked about many technical things in my past blogs. Today, we’re going to get more personal and look at your own cloud journey as an AWS-certified IT pro. I’ve traveled that path myself.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, AWS

Google Cloud Search Bridges the Generational Workforce Divide

The generation gap in the workforce is the widest it’s been in history. With people living and working longer, many companies employ workers from across five different generations. Google Cloud Search offers everyone a familiar experience.

Topics: Enterprise Search, Google Cloud Search

OnSpend Helps Manage Your Google Maps Platform Budget

With the exception of cost, the cloud has made the IT environment quicker to manage. While cloud providers like Google Cloud make the process to organize and scale IT infrastructure easier, they haven’t solved how to analyze cost and budgets.

Topics: Geospatial Services, Google Maps Platform, OnSpend, Cloud Billing

Boost Your Cloud IQ to Work Faster and Smarter

The traditional office space is changing as cloud computing continues to transform the way organizations operate. The days of working 9-to-5, five days a week at HQ isn’t always the norm. Working at remote locations is on the rise.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Enterprise Search, Geospatial Services, Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

6 Ways a Social Intranet Keeps Workers in the Loop

The modern workplace has grown far beyond the traditional walls of bricks-and-mortar headquarters. Technology now allows employees to work not just from a desk at the home office, but from anywhere in the world, doing business as usual.

Topics: Cloud Collaboration, Intranet, Partners

Why DevOps and Service Management Go Hand-in-Hand

Hiring a Managed Services Provider (MSP) is insurance for your IT infrastructure. Combining it with DevOps is the best option to proactively monitor, manage and resolve problems in your cloud environment to make your digital transformation easier.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, DevOps, Managed Services

Drive Google Workspace Adoption with Sponsorship and Evangelism

Change is hard. Change management makes it easier. To get your change management initiative to stick, it needs a strong foundation. That’s where sponsorship and evangelism come in. They are necessary first steps when adopting Google Workspace...

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration, Change Management

Futureproof Technology for Tomorrow’s Cloud First Workplace

In the not-too-distant future, there’s a chance you won’t need to commute to work, at least not every day. Technology and a cloud-connected world are reshaping how we work and connect, upending the traditional 9-to-5 office model.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Chrome OS, Cloud Collaboration, Data

The New Google Maps Platform: What Does It All Mean?

Last year Google introduced a new generation of Google Maps, now known as Google Maps Platform. It includes updates designed to make it easier to take advantage of new maps and location-based features. It also includes major billing and pricing...

Topics: Geospatial Services

Onix Makes a Difference in Local Communities

Giving back to the community is part of our culture. In addition to our own charitable non-profit, Onix Outreach, each employee receives a paid Community Service Day once a year giving him or her an opportunity to volunteer on their own or as part...

Topics: News, Onix

NEWS: Onix & BetterCloud Expand Service Offerings

Onix announces it’s expanding its partnership with BetterCloud, the leading SaaS Operations Management platform. The company now can deliver services and implementations for new and existing BetterCloud customers.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, News

5 Reasons Why Google Cloud Search Drives Productivity

Has there ever been a time when people haven’t wanted to work faster, smarter and more collaboratively? In today’s fast-paced business world, the drive to increase workplace productivity has been turned up to 11.

Topics: Enterprise Search, Google Cloud Search

Learn How DevOps and Kubernetes Deliver Real-World Benefits

It’s no secret that using DevOps with cloud projects accelerates development time and lowers costs for development, testing, deployment and operations. But the journey to DevOps doesn’t always start with an infrastructure deployment.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure

Explore The Big 3 Benefits of DevOps and Kubernetes

It’s no secret that using DevOps with cloud projects accelerates development time, and lowers costs for development, testing, deployment and operations.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Google Maps Platform, Partners, Kubernetes, DevOps

Webinar! Avoid Device Downtime and Drive Productivity

Traditional loaner programs can be complex, costly, inflexible and present significant barriers to scale. At large organizations, managing pickups and returns can add up quickly —10% of IT’s time according to an internal study at Google.

Topics: Chrome OS, Cloud Collaboration

Could the Baltimore Ransomware Attack Have Been Prevented?

Baltimore is just the latest city to fall prey to a ransomware attack that took down critical city services on May 7. Shortly before that, it was Greenville, N.C., and just last year, it was the city of Atlanta under attack.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure

What Does the Google Anthos Announcement Mean?

The talk at Google Next 2019 centered around Google’s introduction of Anthos, an enterprise platform that customers running its managed container services can use to manage multiple cloud or hybrid cloud deployments.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure

3 Ways to Optimize Your Business with Location-Based Services

It’s all about location, location, location. If your business relies on people finding you, then a location-based service is what you need. If your employees’ jobs depend on finding places, then it's also what you need.

Topics: Geospatial Services, Google Maps Platform

Grab and Go Devices Save Time and Money

On a daily basis, IT help desks are bombarded with employee requests to fix major and minor device issues. IHS Markit estimates that IT downtime costs a large enterprise $60 million a year. This is where Grab and Go from Google Cloud comes into play.

Topics: Chrome OS, Cloud Collaboration

Get Started with Custom App Development in the Cloud

Are you looking for a new app for the cloud? Do you need your current cloud-native app updated? Or maybe you require expert guidance to educate or lead your existing development teams. For each cloud app need, there is a solution.

Topics: App Development

Why You Should Integrate Search and a Social Intranet

Your employees need to find information. That’s why integrating search into your social intranet is crucial to your business. By adding search to your digital workplace, your employees are able to find answers more easily and with less duplication

Topics: Enterprise Search, Google Cloud Search, Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration, Intranet, Partners

One Marketer's Journey: What I Got Wrong About Google Workspace

Before I came to Onix, I had used Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) for my freelance work. I thought I really understood it. But as it turns out, I had some real misconceptions - one of which was that it was a solution meant for small businesses...

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Cloud Security 101: How to Identify & Manage IT Project Risks

Whether your latest information technology project involves installing new hardware, developing software, upgrading your networks, integrating cloud computing or applying business analytics, you need to focus on prioritizing risk.

Topics: App Development, Support, Cloud Security

Top 6 Reasons to Move Backup and Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

Cyberattacks. Power outages. Fires. Tornadoes. Floods. These occurrences can happen at any time so you and your business need to be prepared. A loss of data or access to data can cripple an organization and even threaten its short- and long-term...

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, GCP

Windows Server 2008 R2 End of Life and the Public Sector

On July 19,2019 Microsoft will drop support for SQL Server 2008 R2. Soon, on Jan. 14, it will retire support for Windows Server 2008 R2. Security, product updates and technical support will disappear for organizations using these operating system...

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, AWS

Onix Expanding Presence in Canada, Planning to Open Montreal Office

Leading cloud solutions provider Onix is expanding its footprint in Canada to better serve its existing customer base as well as address growing demand for its services.

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Are You Ready for Life in Google Workspace?

These days, employees aren’t always at their desk or in the office from 9 to 5. Some grab a cup of coffee from their own kitchen and sit down to work in their home office.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

Cloud Search Transforms Manufacturing Production Power

Those in every business sector face pressing questions daily. But, to get answers, they’re reluctant to click on links or read long documents to find what they need. They want immediate and accurate results so they can get back to work.

Topics: Enterprise Search, Google Cloud Search

Cloud Security 101: What Are Cloud Security Blind Spots?

Software as a service (SaaS) is the latest technology revolutionizing the way we work. It makes collaboration easier than ever. But as SaaS adoption continues to rise, it also creates hard-to-see threats and unforeseen challenges for IT.

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How to Keep Institutional Knowledge from Walking Out the Door

In the words of Bob Dylan, “The times, they are a changin’.” Baby boomers, stalwarts of today’s workforce, are cleaning out their desks and starting life as retirees. Chances are, they’re taking years of institutional knowledge with them.

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Onix Rocks Google Cloud Next 2019

After a whirlwind week at Google Cloud Next 2019, the Onix team has returned with plenty of insights to share. Our team joined clients, Googlers and new connections to celebrate a week of learning and major product announcements.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Join the Cloud Computing Revolution!

If you're still working in an on-premise environment, relying on old servers and legacy software, chances are you're facing productivity challenges and increased licensing costs. And what about time and money to keep them running?

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Collaboration, Cloud Migration

Onix Wins Google Cloud North American Reseller Partner of Year Award

Onix today announced that it has received the 2018 Google Cloud North American Reseller Partner of the Year award. This award was presented at Google Cloud Next 19, April 9-11, in San Francisco.

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INFOGRAPHIC: 4 Ways to Spur Cloud Collaboration

Any time your organization undergoes a major change, you run the risk of hitting an adoption plateau in across your workforce. Making the leap to the cloud for better workplace productivity and is no exception.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

Onix Launches Dedicated Health and Life Sciences Division

Onix is addressing the growing demand for next-generation technology in the health and life sciences industry by introducing its dedicated Health and Life Sciences division. Health and life sciences industry veteran Sunnie Southern has joined Onix...

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Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery: Are You Ready to Modernize?

Still relying on on-premise backup and disaster recovery services? It’s time to modernize. The cloud provides the ultimate access and protection to your valuable data when a disaster occurs. Both small businesses and large enterprises rely on the...

Topics: Data

Is Your Organization Prepared for a Data Disaster and Recovery?

Hardware failure is the leading cause of data loss leading to unplanned downtime. This can cost over $1 million per hour and take days or even weeks to remedy, causing significant loss of time. Keep your vital information protected.

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Listen Now! Onix CEO Shares Insights into Cloud Computing Journey

Things are Going Google in Cleveland today here at Onix. And...our President and CEO Tim Needles recently shared his thoughts about the future of cloud computing and the journey our clients take in an interview with Cleveland's WTAM radio.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure

Onix Community Service Team Builds Milwaukee Houses

Ever wish you had some free time during the week to volunteer at your favorite charity? Our company’s culture focuses on stepping outside of our own front door and getting involved. That’s why each employee gets a paid Community Service Day.

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How to Engage Employees in a Digital Workplace

When you have engaged employees, you also have motivated ones who are eager to contribute to the company’s success. One of the easiest ways to connect them and keep them interested is through a social intranet. What’s that, you ask?

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Onix & Google Drive Healthcare Cloud Collaboration

Hurley Medical Center has embraced a new way of working through cloud collaboration, moving to a more streamlined, productive and paperless environment. Google and Onix were there for every step of this transformative journey.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

Five Reasons Why Using The Social Intranet Makes Sense

Searching and gathering information can be a workplace’s worst enemy. Tracking down crucial company information is frustrating and time consuming. In fact, researchers who study worker productivity agree it’s a resource vampire.

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Are You Ready to Start Your Artificial Intelligence Journey?

If you think you’re the last organization in your field to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) in your business, think again. While there’s a definite adoption uptick, not everyone has made the leap. Are you ready to lead the charge?

Topics: Data

Cloud Migration 101: What to Know Before You Migrate

Have you been thinking it's time to change your computing environment? Maybe it's  time become proactive and push aside any hesitation you’ve had about making a transformation and see how cloud computing solutions could solve your IT challenges.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Collaboration, Cloud Migration

Going Google: How Google Cloud Transforms Any Enterprise

Maybe you’ve just launched your cloud journey. Or perhaps you’ve taken that first big step away from an on-premise environment. Either way, it’s never too late to harness the cloud’s power and transform the way your organization works.

Topics: Chrome OS, GCP, Google Maps Platform, Google Cloud Search, Google Workspace

Infographic: The Lowdown on Location-Based Services

The start of a new year is a perfect time to reassess where your cloud journey is taking you. Maybe it needs a new direction...in the form of maps, that is. There’s no better time to explore what location-based services have to offer to your...

Topics: Geospatial Services, Google Maps Platform

Simplify Collaboration with Cloud Connected Devices

Henry David Thoreau knew what he was talking about when advising his readers to “Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.” When Google set out to develop a new OS, they introduced the next level of simplified workplace cloud collaboration with Chrome.

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Strong Data Accessibility & Recovery Mark New Onix Alliance

Is your data recoverable during unplanned downtime? Thanks to our new strategic partner, Actifio, the world’s leading enterprise Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) software provider, you don’t need to worry about data recovery and data accessibility.

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Infographic: Launching Your Enterprise Search Journey

The road to enterprise search can be confusing and time-consuming often can be tough to navigate alone. From securing executive buy-in to getting ready for deployment, this handy “travel guide” will have you launching your enterprise search...

Topics: Enterprise Search

Onix Earns Google Cloud Location-Based Services Partner Specialization

Onix has achieved the Location-Based Services Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Specialization Program. Onix has proven its expertise and success in building customer solutions in the location-based services field using GCP...

Topics: Geospatial Services, Google Maps Platform

ATB Financial Succeeds at Launching Cloud Collaboration

When it comes to cloud computing, the banking industry has just started dipping a toe into elevating workplace collaboration to the next level. Canada’s ATB Financial took the leap and built a hive of workplace cloud collaboration with the the help...

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

From On-Prem to a Cloud-First Workplace: Is it Time for a Shift?

A cloud-first workplace is fast becoming the rule, not the exception. In part, it’s thanks to cost increases for on-premise solutions and related licensing. What does this mean for organizations that haven’t yet started a cloud computing journey?...

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

Easy as 1, 2, 3: Cloud Search Transforms Info Gathering

The search landscape is changing, and we’re excited to be a part of Google Cloud Search with its new third-party connectivity. Search is easier, more secure and more productive in the cloud. Are you ready to transform how your employees work?

Topics: Enterprise Search, Google Cloud Search

5 Reasons to Develop Custom Applications in the Cloud

Using the cloud for custom application development has proven to be a superior platform compared with traditional methods. Developers who embrace the cloud are leaders have moved beyond the curve and understand the future of cloud computing.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, App Development

Why a DevOps Feedback Loop Keep Cursed Code from Haunting You

Hello again, cloud friends! Scott Mabe here with a real horror story that many of you can relate to. There’s a ghost haunting your technology stack, creating horrific havoc. How? I like analogies, so I'm going to start with one to explain.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure

The Search Journey: Are You Ready to Travel Toward Change?

When it comes to all things search, Montreal was abuzz in October with the latest, greatest technologies. Why? Activate, the Search & AI Conference, brought Solr, LucidWorks Fusion machine learning and UX to Canada. Onix was part of it all.

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Cloud Security 101: Chrome Secures Cloud Endpoints

Recent tech headlines say it all. Media coverage and industry reports paint if not a bleak picture for endpoint admins and businesses, then at least a sobering one. Take a look at the growing evidence of chaos in the realm of endpoints:

Topics: Chrome OS, Cloud Collaboration

A Digital Transformation Is Within Your Reach. Seize It!

Stop for a moment. Where was your business digitally five years ago, or even three? Has it changed? If you are in the cloud or still relying upon on-premise, legacy applications, maybe it’s time to explore a digital transformation.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

Onix Moves Deeper Into Accessibility Marketplace

Onix, creator of the revolutionary, proprietary Equidox PDF conversion software for document accessibility, has further strengthened its position in digital accessibility by bringing onboard accessibility expert Ryan Pugh, formerly of the National...

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Maintaining Security and Sanity at Cloud Speed: Code Changes

Hello again, infrastructure pros! I’m back to talk more about staying sane and secure in the cloud. Back in August, we examined using Source Control Management (SCM) to secure your infrastructure. But, that’s just one part of the story.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure

Avoid Lost Time and Productivity with Chrome Grab and Go

Accidents happen. Spilled coffee on a keyboard. A forgotten laptop at a hotel. A computer that won’t boot up. Whatever the reason, a computer-less employee zaps productivity. That’s where Grab and Go loaners come into play and save the day.

Topics: Chrome OS, Cloud Collaboration

Locked Down: Google Chrome Delivers Secure Cloud Computing

The last time we discussed Google Chrome here in the Onix blog, we looked at its speed. Now let’s talk security. Simply put...Google Chrome is secure. How secure? Here’s a look at how it provides some of the cloud’s tightest security.

Topics: Chrome OS, Cloud Collaboration

Canam Group Inc. Builds Cloud Collaboration Environment

Longtime IBM Notes users at Canam Group Inc. wanted to work better, smarter and more efficiently, particularly with a scattered, global workforce. But life on the IBM Notes platform hindered efforts at building cloud collaboration environment.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration, Case Studies

ATB Financial Builds a Workplace Cloud Collaboration Hive

ATB Financial’s Chief Transformation Officer, Wellington Holbrook, and leadership team had a big question: “How can we transform banking if we don’t transform the way we work?” The Edmonton, Alberta-based bank knew it was time for a change.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration, Case Studies

Maintaining Security and Sanity at Cloud Speed: Code Repositories

As computing systems and cloud infrastructure keep growing, it's critical that security and documentation don’t fall by the wayside. Throughout my career, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many different cloud contractors and developers.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure

A Look at 50+ Google Cloud Platform Updates

Just when you thought Google Cloud Platform couldn’t get more powerful, it did! Here’s the scoop on the Google Cloud Platform news from the 2018 Google Cloud Next event, where the company made 105 product/solution launches and announcements.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, GCP

Hit a Google Workspace Adoption Plateau? Try Change Management

You’ve begun embracing Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), but you’ve hit an adoption plateau. Don’t worry. It’s not forever. You can get unstuck and propel your organization toward company-wide implementation away from legacy solutions.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

Onix Achieves Google Cloud Specialization

Google Cloud has recognized Onix’s technical proficiency and proven success in Enterprise Collaboration. We are proud to announce we recently achieved the Enterprise Collaboration Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Specialization...

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, Google Workspace

Time's Up Webinar: The GSA Expiration Plan You Need Today

Time’s up! The days for your Google Search Appliance (GSA) are numbered. Join Onix and Coveo on Wednesday, Aug. 1, for a 45-minute session to learn what it takes to migrate from the GSA before the expiration date arrives.

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Online Auctioneer Bids on Secure Cloud Solutions

The internet plays a huge role in today’s secondhand and auction markets. For Toronto-based online auctioneer MaxSold, cloud solutions improved infrastructure, eliminated data backup and recovery challenges and halted DoS website attacks.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, GCP, Cloud Security, Case Studies

Onix Expands Cloud Presence with AWS Solutions

Through our new collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), we have expanded our cloud computing infrastructure services to provide our clients with more options on their cloud adoption journey, and assist them in achieving their unique business...

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, News

Onix Shares Enterprise Search Savvy at Coveo Impact ‘18

Onix took its cloud solutions and enterprise search expertise on the road to Coveo Impact 2018 in San Francisco on June 6-8. Our team met with a sold-out crowd of more than 200 attendees at this event. Here are a few highlights.

Topics: Enterprise Search

It’s Not Too Late to Embrace the Social Intranet

Whether you’re exploring the idea of deploying a social intranet in the cloud or you’re looking at new alternatives that pair with G Suite, there’s still time to check out our recent webinar to learn what’s right for your organization.

Topics: Cloud Collaboration, Intranet, Partners

Google Chrome Offers a Speedy Cloud Experience

A couple of months ago, I introduced you to Google Chrome OS and why today’s businesses can benefit from migrating away from Microsoft Windows. Now let’s examine the first of Chrome’s pillars, speed, and what it means for your enterprise.

Topics: Chrome OS, Cloud Collaboration

Custom App Dev Revives Aging Legacy Web Applications

Did you know Chrome and Microsoft Edge don’t support Java, ActiveX controls, toolbars, VBScript and other common legacy apps used on many business websites? So what’s an enterprise to do? Start considering custom app development.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, App Development

Is It Time to Migrate to Google Cloud Platform?

From a keen understanding of how to interconnect networks to building bulletproof security and access management protocols, experienced partners know that infrastructure dictates the entire Google Cloud Platform deployment process.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, GCP

Onix Achieves Google Cloud Infrastructure Partner Specialization

We are pleased to announce Onix's Cloud Consulting practice has achieved the Google Cloud Infrastructure Partner Specialization. Our team has proven its expertise in building solutions in the infrastructure field using Google Cloud Platform.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, GCP, News

What is a Social Intranet and Why Should We Use it?

Social. Mobile. Smart. That’s how LumApps describes the intranets it builds for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). If you’ve contemplated building a social intranet at your organization, it’s time to learn more. We have the perfect webinar for you.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration, Intranet, Partners

Don’t Hesitate: You Need a GSA Replacement Plan Now

Do you have your GSA replacement lined up? The gold standard of enterprise search, Google Search Appliance, is reaching end of life in 2019. Now is the time to start thinking about your next solution so you can make a seamless transition.

Topics: Enterprise Search

Expanded Enterprise Search Solutions Offered Through Coveo Partnership

LAKEWOOD, OHIO – Onix has expanded its enterprise search offerings to elevate customers to the next level of efficiency and success by joining forces with Coveo Solutions Inc., a leader in artificial intelligence (AI)-powered search and relevance.

Topics: Enterprise Search, News

Cloud Security 101: Lawyers Address Secure Enterprise Computing

Personal injury law firm Cannon & Dunphy continually faced unacceptable server downtime and inaccessible data. Leadership sought reliable cloud computing infrastructure to keep sensitive client information at the legal staff’s fingertips.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, GCP

Cloud Solution Gives Top Lab High Data Availability

A research laboratory lacked a disaster recovery plan and high data availability in the event of a network outage. Because of the nature of its work, the lab required a reliable cloud solution now, not in the middle of a data emergency.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure

How Do I Build a Solid Enterprise Search Business Case?

All companies have a digital search problem, even yours. It’s not that you don’t have enough information. There’s plenty out there. But, locating it takes time and effort. In fact, think back to the last time you needed to find something.

Topics: Enterprise Search

Q&A: The Ultimate Guide to Moving to the Cloud

Organizations with on-premise data centers face challenges such as costly maintenance issues, limited resources and a lack of competitive edge. Moving your data center to the cloud is a must in today’s fast-paced competitive marketplace.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, GCP

Onix Lends a Hand to Habitat for Humanity Greater Toronto Area

Team members from Onix’s Toronto office recently used their annual volunteer day to help Habitat for Humanity Greater Toronto Area with their Pinery Trail project. The project’s goal is to provide townhome-style housing for 50 families.

Topics: News

Make Sense of your Location Data with Google Maps

  All organizations have location data, and usually a lot of it! This might include information such as fleet driving logs, field reports from the outside sales staff or receipts from business trips and other meetings.

Topics: Geospatial Services

Onix Adds Staff and New Toronto Office

Onix, a leading developer and provider of cloud computing solutions and consulting services, expanded its footprint by opening an office in downtown Toronto to serve clients throughout Canada. This is addition to the Lakewood, Ohio, headquarters...

Topics: News

Powered by AI: Best Practices in Cognitive Search

Artificial intelligence is making its way into everything, and search is no exception. In fact, the term enterprise search is going by the wayside. Gartner calls it "insight engines" and Forrester calls it "cognitive search and knowledge discovery."

Topics: Enterprise Search

Onix Offers Solutions for Electronic Logging Device Final Rule

LAKEWOOD, OH – Onix, a leading technology product and solutions provider, announced that the company will now offer services and consulting to transportation companies and carriers that are impacted by the electronic logging device (ELD) rule.

Topics: Geospatial Services, News

Cloud Security 101: Data Redaction Drives GCP Security

Google Cloud always addresses vital cloud security and compliance needs of today's IT leaders by offering  crucial security features to avoid data loss and security breaches in Google Cloud Platform.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, GCP, Google Workspace

Cloud Collaboration ROI Drives Innovation and Success

It was Henry Ford who said “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.” To win in today’s marketplace, you must create an environment of collaboration and innovation for your employees.

Topics: GCP, Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

Infographic! Improving Product Development Processes

Manufacturing competition is fierce. To win you need to accelerate speed to market, ensure product quality and increase productivity. Yet, inefficiencies lie within your product development processes that may threaten your success.

Topics: Enterprise Search

Onix Sponsors Medical Capital Innovation Competition

LAKEWOOD, OH – Onix, a top Google Cloud Premier Partner reselling the entire Google Cloud portfolio, announced today that the company is a Gold Sponsor of the inaugural Medical Capital Innovation Competition.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, News

Onix Named to “100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management”

LAKEWOOD, OH — Onix was recently named as one of the “100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management 2017” by KMWorld Magazine. The list recognizes companies that help customers turn vast amounts of data into actionable, usable knowledge.

Topics: News

Video! Deliver Innovative, Quality Products Fast to Market

Ever wonder how competitors are beating you to market with innovative, quality products? This video explores the insidious inefficiencies that may lie within your product development process that can be disrupting and impeding your success.

Topics: Enterprise Search

Onix: 2016 Google Cloud Partner for Google Workspace Customer Success

Award Recognizes Onix’s Commitment to Going Above and Beyond for Customers LAKEWOOD, OH — Onix today announced that it has received the Google Cloud 2016 North American Partner Award for Google Workspace Customer Success.

Topics: News, Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

iVEDiX Works with UNAIDS on Goal to end HIV by 2030

The HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to affect Kenya’s population. The United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) needed a seamless digital business platform in the HIV Situation Room in Kenya to compile data and assign resources effectively.

Topics: Geospatial Services, Google Maps Platform

Google Drive: Collaborating and Sharing in Today’s World

Working collaboratively today is essential. Instead of email attachments, with Google Drive you can quickly share files and folders — or easily add them to a Gmail message. Google Drive provides a richer, more efficient user experience.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

Confidence in Cloud Computing Technology Drives Business

Companies that tread lightly with cloud computing technology could be at a disadvantage. This study by the Economist Intelligence Unit suggests that organizations which demonstrate a high level of trust in cloud computing perform better financially.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, GCP

Lean Manufacturing Tools Power a Successful Journey

You know lean manufacturing tools eliminate sources of waste. But it may come as a surprise that enterprise search reduces re-work, parts proliferation and more. Browse these resources to see how accessible data can help you along your lean journey....

Topics: Enterprise Search

Onix Named North American Google Workspace Partner of the Year

Google Cloud  named Onix its 2015 North America Partner of the Year for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). The award was presented at Teamwork, Google’s Global Partner Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Topics: News, Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

Video! Stryker Instruments Explains Why Enterprise Search

Challenged with locating data and experiencing redundant rework and product duplication, Stryker Instruments — a global medical device company — turned to an enterprise search solution for help. The VP of R&D provides insights in this video.

Topics: Enterprise Search

Google Workspace Grows Right Along with Garland Industries

With a diverse past in the manufacturing sector, it's now wonder Cleveland-based Garland Industries, Inc.,  has been a commercial roofing-products innovator since the end of the 19th Century. 

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

The Digital Workplace: Changing How You Do Business

Many think the digital workplace is being able to work on multiple platforms; mobile devices, handheld tablets, and different computer operating systems. But it is so much more than that. It is truly changing how companies conduct business.

Topics: Cloud Collaboration

Onix Deployed Google Workspace for Manufacturer's 25,000 Users

Onix deployed Google Workspace for more than 25,000 users at Whirlpool Corporation after the manufacturer determined Google Workspace and Onix were the right fit for its "Winning Workplace" initiative.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration

CBC Moves 12,000 Accounts to Google Workspace in 90 Days

With a goal to reduce infrastructure and improve collaboration, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation moved to Google Workspace. It was the right solution based on cost, proven service level and availability guarantee and so much more.

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration, Case Studies

Transformation Tip: Go All in With Google and Succeed

It is not enough these days for IT to deploy the best cloud computing tools to the organization. Today, the business units are introduced much earlier in the deployment process, and not just as a pilot or a project for early adopters.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, GCP

Agile Software Development Process Drives Success

Software development is an exacting process. One inherent risk is building an application that does not meet the customer’s expectations. In order to minimize this risk, a methodology needs to be in place to drive successful project results.

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure, App Development

Congratulations! You've Gone Google. Now What?

Your project team has successfully accomplished the task of migrating to Google Workspace (formerly G Suite); congratulations! While moving your infrastructure to the cloud is a huge step getting your users to adopt the new tools can be a task of...

Topics: Google Workspace, Cloud Collaboration