Data Modernization: A Practical Framework for Unlocking Your Data’s Potential with AWS

In today’s landscape, there is an insatiable hunger for data. However, to compete in a warp-speed world, collecting data is simply not enough. With Onix Analytics Modernization (OAM) and AWS, you can programmatically unlock the potential of your data to spur growth, surface insights, and reduce costs, no matter where you are in your analytics journey.

Hear from a leading expert on how Onix Analytics Modernization can help resolve your data-related challenges and modernize your workload at scale.

About the presenters

Dale Treece

Data & Analytics Practice Lead

Dale Treece is the Data & Analytics Practice Lead at Onix. He has been working with organizations of various sizes to organize, structure, and use their data to advance their business goals for over 35 years. Through data & analytics modernization, Dale helps businesses become agile, ready to scale, accelerate their path to innovation while also enabling overall performance improvement and cost reduction.

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