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Workplace Collaboration - An OS, a Browser and Devices for Better Results

Chrome Enterprise combines Chrome OS, the Chrome browser and collaboration devices to enable work in the cloud. Manage your users' access to data, applications and extensions without breaking a sweat while they work securely from anywhere, on any device and keep your data safe in the cloud.

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Why Chrome Enterprise For Your Business

  • Built-in Security

    Chrome OS’s built-in security is multi-layered and features AI threat detection. Regular updates are seamless and occur in the background every six weeks, with security patches every two to three weeks.

  • Unified Browser Management

    With the Chrome browser you’ll get a trusted, consistent and secure browsing experience across devices. Chrome also delivers unified browser management across all platforms from a single, central cloud portal.

  • Ease of Use

    Chrome devices simplify work for users and the IT department. From Chromebooks and tablets for individual users to Chromeboxes for meeting rooms to hardware for digital signage and kiosks, the Chrome experience is seamless for busy organizations on the go.

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Onix Chrome Enterprise Services

Whether you’re implementing this solution to replace laptops for employees, refresh call center agent equipment or power digital signage, kiosks or video conferences, we cover every step of your Chrome Enterprise journey. This includes planning, deployment and ongoing technical support services.

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Chrome Assessment

Onix’s award-winning team of technical, training and deployment experts will guide you through a comprehensive Google Chrome assessment and help you confidently deploy Chrome within your organization. Our assessment focuses on three areas: end-users, technical and business. This in-depth examination gives you a complete understanding of how Chrome will fit into your organization and elevate it to the next level.
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Grab and Go with Chrome Enterprise

The program is as simple as its name. Workers grab loaner Chromebooks from a dedicated cart or shelf. All they need to do is log in with their Google username and password, and they’re connected and ready to work. All of their Google data is synced to provide a seamless transition. It’s that easy. Upon return, devices don’t need to be wiped. They’re immediately ready for the next user.

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Chrome Browser Deployment Services

Get the most out of your Chrome browser deployment and utilize our services to ensure that every facet of your Chrome deployment is handled with the utmost care and expertise. We deliver optimized and ready-to-use devices to help increase adoption and reach your business goals.

Onix's Chrome browser deployment experts can help with:

  • Project management
  • Communications
  • Training
  • Browser environment discovery
  • GPO policy reviews
  • Legacy Browser Support configuration
  • Chrome browser deployment best practices
  • Chrome extensions

Our Chrome Application Development team can help increase Chrome Browser adoption by providing Chrome developer support, Application modernization, Chrome extension development and more.

Additional services:

  • Chrome Browser Enterprise Support Licensing
  • Administrator Training
  • End-User Chrome Training
  • Application Development
  • Web Application Migration
  • Network assessment
  • Customer Support
  • Premium Customer Support
  • White Glove Services*
  • *available for Chrome devices
    and Jamboards.

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83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020 *

Today’s workforce depends on cloud technology to stay connected. Tomorrow’s professionals will use it to stay productive as cloud workers. They’ll get more done, even on the “something-came-up-and-I-have-to-work-from-home” days. Chrome Enterprise seamlessly integrates with G Suite to migrate your data to one secure place that’s accessible from anywhere, across all devices.

*Source: LogicMonitor® Cloud Vision 2020: The Future of the Cloud Study

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