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Whether you know exactly what your next step toward modernization should be or you're not sure where to start, Onix can build a strategy to make your business more agile and secure. Many organizations today find it difficult to transform fast enough to keep up with their competitors. In our long experience, we have encountered all the barriers to digital transformation and know how to overcome them quickly and safely.

Onix helps businesses identify the cloud solutions that will enable them to increase their operational efficiency and accelerate innovation, then strategically execute them to mitigate risk, downtime and cost. Our customer-focused culture ensures we support you every step of the way.


Our customer-focused culture ensures we support you every step of the way toward your next digital evolution, no matter which cloud solution you use.

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Digital Experience
Migrate and Modernize

Onix can help your business break down legacy, monolithic applications into modern containerized or serverless architectures, creating a ... Learn More

Data and Analytics

Our proprietary approach to migration and modernization will help you keep your data secure and manageable so you can use it proactively ... Learn More

Security and Governance

Onix provides end-to-end security and governance for any cloud modernization effort, within any cloud solution. Using our tested ... Learn More

Cloud Managed

Onix offers end-to-end cloud services, which means that even after your project is completed, we can continue to support your business ... Learn More


When the world’s best collaboration tools meet our deployment team and change management experts, dream work cultures happen. Our ... Learn More

Digital Experience

Engaged employees perform better at work when they feel connected, involved, and enthusiastic about what they do each ... Learn More

We are a trusted partner for
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We are a trusted partner for innovative cloud providers

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