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With Google AppSheet

Explore what you can do with Google Workspace and AppSheet.

Google Workspace and AppSheet help reimagine the business-employee relationship, offering a streamlined process and extensive functionality.

With AppSheet, employees can distill processes and Google Workspace functionality into easy-to-use apps that surface the right features at the right time.

Your entire team will be able to access and utilize data for analysis, compliance, and reporting purposes – creating a seamless experience between your corporate and frontline workers.

Build solutions

Manage data,
more efficiently

Automate workflows
to save time

Share insights

A better way to work – anywhere, any time, and on any device.

Onix can help you get started with:

  • Project management
  • AppSheet change management
  • Creating and implementing a communication plan
  • Hands-on Appsheet training for your employees
  • Transformation labs, including brainstorming and prototyping sessions
  • Developing a governance plan to ensure compliance with company policies and procedures

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