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Onix takes your organization to the next level with transformational products and services including the Google for Work portfolio as well as our own technology solutions.

An automated solution that simplifies the process of converting and publishing PDF documents into WCAG 2.0 AA compliant HTML.

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Onix Outreach

Promoting a giving culture, Onix has set up an accredited 501c3 non-profit organization called Onix Outreach. Its mission is to provide assistance to those who are underserved.

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gOptix by Onix

gOptix provides a streamlined approach to monitoring your organization’s Google Apps adoption including the ability to view usage by organizational units or subdomains.

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Video! Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment and Increase Sales
June 27, 2016

Complexity in the online checkout process leads to shopping cart abandonment. That’s when customers put items in their online shopping carts but leave before completing the purchase. So what steps should retailers take to reduce abandonment?

Webinar! Cloud Resources Pushing Genomics Research To New Heights
June 15, 2016

Cloud Computing is the framework behind many of the technologies we use daily. Mobile apps, streaming content and SaaS solutions are just three examples. But the cloud is also a key enabler in the quest to find cures for devastating diseases.

PDF vs HTML: Which is the Best Route to Reach WCAG 2.0
May 30, 2016

Whether you work for a government agency, educational institution or for-profit business, your organization is likely en-route to destination WCAG 2.0 AA — the W3C’s standard for web accessibility. During your journey, you’ll probably encounter many crossroads.


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Onix is a Google Premier Partner. We can help transform your organization through Google’s full suite of products and services. The Google for Work portfolio and Onix’s complementary services provide you world-class location intelligence, data storage, discovery, collaboration, security and more.


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Need to streamline processes and improve operational efficiencies? Or perhaps you want to maximize your investment in Google Apps or enterprise search? No problem. At Onix, we build our own unique products to help you.

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Cloud Computing


Whether you’re moving to the cloud for the first time or trying to gain a greater ROI on a well-established platform, Onix can satisfy your unique needs with our comprehensive and customized cloud computing services.

Search for Work


Onix delivers a full range of enterprise search services including consulting, deployment-planning, implementation and support to ensure your knowledge discovery solution is driving maximum value for your organization.

Maps for Work

Maps API

Whether you’re a mapping novice or expert, Onix can help you power superior geospatial intelligence with our Google Maps API services. You’ll easily create maps that users love — guaranteed.

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Partnering with Onix, you’ll work with highly qualified technology experts who understand your specific goals. With this knowledge, Onix can provide you integrated, best practice solutions that help solve operational challenges and move your business forward.