Request a Rapid Risk Assessment

Uncover risks in your cloud environment, the Onix way. 

The Onix Rapid Risk Assessment Difference

Some companies run scripts and provide a final risk assessment report after little, if any facetime. At Onix, we believe in partnerships that help improve business value.

Our Security team meets with key IT and security stakeholders to learn more about the risks in your cloud environment. Then we do more than simply run scripts; we use cloud information security best practices and control framework references to analyze your security issues and provide actionable next steps to help mitigate your risk. The process is completed in four phases.

Four Phases of Risk Assessment:

1. Discovery

Onix will connect with your stakeholders and ask questions about your environment, key risks and controls. Question topics include:

  • Identifying scope

  • Analyzing your cloud environment for review

  • Reviewing and identifying your cloud assets

  • Overviewing common threats to your environment - and understanding your security and compliance requirements.

3. Analysis

We will perform a quick risk-based analysis of the results of step two, above based upon discovered vulnerabilities - and make recommendations to control their effectiveness.

2. Identification

Onix will identify vulnerabilities and issues in common information security domains including:

  • Inventorying your identity access management (IAM) environment and excessive access issues
  • Identifying gaps with logging and real-time alerting
  • Finding misconfigured infrastructure, instances, and storage security
  • Reviewing the use of native security services.

4. Recommendations

Lastly, Onix will create an executive summary with high-level remediation recommendations that address the findings.