Workplace Cloud Collaboration

Cloud Collaboration: Connecting Today’s Workforce

Modern workplaces differ distinctly from those of even a decade ago. They’re more diverse, dynamic and widespread. Workers are scattered among HQ, home-based offices across different cities, states and even countries. 

Cloud technology is at the heart of the connected workplace, accelerating the pace of innovation. An impactful digital transformation gives your employees more intuitive, connected tools, empowering teams to work innovatively. Are you ready to spur workplace cloud collaboration and transform your business?

Our Cloud Collaboration Solutions

Elevate your organization to the next level of productivity, cloud collaboration, efficiency and success with our dynamic solutions.

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File Sharing

Take advantage of real-time file sharing across the enterprise so your organization, partners and clients can access files securely from anywhere, anytime — and from any device.
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Taking care of business no longer requires returning to an office desk. Instead, bring all of your on-premise office services to the cloud.
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Video Conferencing

Connect remote workers and clients face to face with your team through cloud-based video conferencing platforms and hardware.
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Intranets and Knowledge Sharing

An intranet can help your organization reach operational efficiency by delivering everyone a full integration of all of your crucial business apps.


Be assured your data is secure and accessible at all times, even if a disaster occurs. We work with strategic partners to offer security solutions that support cloud collaboration 24/7/365.
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Ensure that your cloud credentials remain uncompromised. We help organizations of all sizes and industry types find authentication solutions that work for their unique needs.

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We’re your partner of choice for the journey toward better workplace cloud collaboration. By providing a full range of cloud collaboration tools and all related services, support, implementation, training, cloud transformation and monitoring, we make your journey simple.

Partnering with the Best to Meet Your Needs

To help you leverage the most capable cloud technologies to elevate your business to new heights, we partner with numerous IT industry leaders including...
Google Cloud

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Our Cloud Collaboration Customers

Onix works with clients in corporate, education, federal, state and local government markets. Our customers represent large, midsize and small organizations that seek to increase productivity, boost collaboration — and spark innovation through cloud collaboration.

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