Working from Home with Slack for Business

Slack Collaboration and Communication with Your Remote Teams

Working from home has now become an essential part of doing business—but email alone is not enough to maintain a highly collaborative workplace. Slack's team collaboration software is where work happens.

Organizations around the world are using Slack for business to recreate the conference rooms and shared spaces of the physical office — and seeing transformative results. And this doesn’t just apply to internal collaboration. Slack for business offers a secure platform for you to connect with customers and partners. Create shared channels for direct messaging, file sharing, add useful apps or integrations.

Support Employees Working from Home with a Team Collaboration Software

Find a Champion

It’s likely that a team in your organization is already using Slack (often IT or Engineering). As power users, they know the Slack features well. We call these people Champions and they can help to define the use cases, suggest settings and support a quickstart deployment.

Find a Partner

With a team of Slack-certified specialists and customizable packages, Onix can assist you with increasing remote work collaboration and productivity.

Get Slack for Business

Onix has partnered with Slack Enterprise to provide the quickest path to give your employees the team collaboration software they have been clamoring for. 

Select a Quick Start Package

Onix has two Quick Start packages to support your rollout of Slack. These are quick and simple options to get your Slack collaboration tools properly configured and your employees trained. We will customize a package to fit your unique needs.
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Create the Business Case for Slack Enterprise Tools

Define the need and the value of Slack for remote teams

Using project channels to coordinate remotely

Project teams need a place to communicate and share files. Email can lack the transparency and agility required to get work done. This leads to siloed and disparate communication. Projects in Slack can have a dedicated channel to include all related activities. Slack collaboration tools keep that communication in one place so project updates are not lost.

Corporate announcements in Slack

Keep your staff up to date. This is crucial when employees are all working from home. Email updates don’t provide the right information flow. During this new way of working, people also need a channel for asking questions. A Slack collaboration channel can be dedicated to organizational announcements to keep employees informed and productive as well as a place to ask questions without notifying the entire organization and clogging inboxes. 

Time wasted on non-selling activities

When sales teams switch between apps to complete simple tasks, create assets and do administrative work, they end up wasting time. Sales cycles get longer when teams work in multiple tools to connect and align with cross-functional partners. Respond more quickly to sales opportunities and customer issues by providing the right people with the right information at the right time.

Slack Enterprise quick start packages available now

A Quick and Simple Way to Embrace the Team Collaboration Tool Your Employees Need

Onix has partnered with Slack Enterprise to provide the quickest path to give your teams the collaboration tool they have been clamoring for. 

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