Onix partner Happeo

Social Intranet Software Built for Google Workspace

Happeo is the turnkey social intranet built specifically for Google Workspace, connecting your people, information and systems into a unified hub for collaboration and communication.

It enables better corporate communications by organizing content, creating posting permissions and curating information based on Google Group level access.

It creates a simple and secure file sharing experience by embedding Google Drive content where permissions are set in Google and carry over to Happeo.

Happeo enables data and information liberation to help drive innovation.

Get More Out of Google Workspace

Because Happeo integrates so well with Google Workspace, users see an average-adoption increase of 13% after the first six months of launch.

Increase Security, Decrease Workload

Happeo centralizes user and access management via Google Identity, SSO, OUs and Google-Id. Combine that with Happeo’s ISO 27001 certificate and you’re guaranteed a secure and reliable platform.

Bring Collaboration and Communication Together

Happeo is the place where you communicate and collaborate all at the same time. Don’t forget it’s powerful knowledge-archive features either – it’s your single source of truth, collaboration and communication. 

No More Unused Licenses

Happeo is much more than just a social intranet – and the numbers prove it. You can expect an adoption rate that sits at least 43% higher than the average, and the reason is simple – it looks and feels like a social network, it’s as easy to operate as your browser, and its powerful search brings people and information together like never before.

Sharepoint Replacement

A strategic product integration between Happeo and AODocs now gives organizations an alternative solution to Sharepoint as many look to reduce or eliminate that footprint.

If you have migrated to Google or are planning on a migration, we can support your plans to sunset Sharepoint use cases from Intranets to File Libraries to custom applications built on Sharepoint.