Powering Geospatial Intelligence With Google Maps API Services

The only way to gain access to the most accurate and up-to-date data visualization tools is to use Google Maps. This collection of cloud-based Google APIs brings your organization’s geospatial intelligence to the next level because you’ll put data on a map like never before, driving engagement, optimizing operations and enriching decisions.

Whether you’re a mapping novice or expert, Onix can help you power superior geospatial intelligence with our Google Maps API services. You’ll easily create maps that users love — guaranteed.

Google Maps Services by Onix.

Onix delivers a full range of Google Maps services including license consulting, implementation and deployment, custom application development and support to ensure the ongoing realization of maximum value.

Google Maps API
License Consulting
License Consulting

Onix Certified Google Maps Sales Specialists will hold a pre-sale consultation with you to fully understand and evaluate your needs.

This consultation process ensures that you purchase the appropriate Google Maps licensing in regards to product and quota consumption.

License Consulting
Implementation and Deployment
Implementation and Deployment

After you’ve purchased or renewed your license, Onix’s Certified Developers will work with you to implement and deploy Google Maps in your organization including:

  • Consultation and deployment planning
  • Pre-deployment activities such as code walkthroughs and video webinars to ensure proper license implementation
  • Deployment of the 13 APIs included in the Google Maps Premium Plan
  • Integration with third-party solutions such as CMaps Analytics, CartoDB and more.
Implementation and Deployment
Custom App Development

Onix developers are full stack and certified in Google Maps. We have the expertise to create complete, turnkey browser-­based and native mobile maps. We can also collaborate with in-house development teams to architect, manage and maintain mapping applications.

Custom App Development
Premium Support
Premium Support

Onix offers point-­of­-contact support for customers who have purchased the Google Maps Premium Plan as well as premium phone/email packages to support any application.

Premium Support

Tap Into Our Experience and Build Maps that Users Love

Onix works with clients in corporate, education, federal, state and local government markets. We have been successful by evaluating our customers’ pain points and providing the best technology solutions to help them move their businesses forward. 

Several of our delighted customers are listed below.
Florida Fish and Wildlife
Helzberg Diamonds
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As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Onix has in-depth and unparalleled expertise in Google Cloud products and can provide you the most successful deployment and services for Google Maps.

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5 Mapping Tools that Uncover Insights Hidden in Your Data.

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