How Onix Helps Your Organization Reach Its Enterprise Search Goals

We have 15 years of unparalleled experience helping customers assess their search needs and deploy the right solutions that drive results for their organizations. In fact, Onix has delivered top and bottom line business value through enterprise search for hundreds of customers in corporate, education, federal, state and local government organizations since 2001.

Conducting independent consulting methodologies — OKEA and the Onix-Google Search Assessment — our business analysts uncover your specific search objectives and pain points. With this knowledge, Onix can help you deploy the search solution that solves complex operational challenges to ultimately move your business forward. Onix is a Google Cloud Premier Partner and a reseller of other next generation search solutions.

Searching for Enterprise Information

We’ll Be With You Every Step of the Way.

Consulting & Product Licensing

Even before you purchase a search solution for your enterprise, Onix will consult with you to understand your goals and pain points. We can then determine the best technology for you and provide a roadmap to execute a knowledge discovery solution within your organization.

The Onix Consulting Methodology

Steps: Discovery, Agreement, Solutions Validation, Deployment Planning

Deployment Planning

As your search consultant, Onix will help plan your organization's deployment with these services:

  • Conducting a deployment planning workshop
  • Identifying deployment phases
  • Developing solution architecture and design
  • Building a deployment blueprint and plan
  • Creating training and a change management plan
  • Identifying project budget and resource requirements
  • Establishing timelines and agreement on milestones.
Deployment Planning


Our search services go well beyond consulting and planning. It’s about rolling up our sleeves and helping you get the deployment work done.

  • UI design and development
  • Technical architecture design
  • System integration
  • Security integration
  • On-site training
  • Go-live launch assistance.

After launch your organization will access and disseminate organizational knowledge like never before.


Post Implementation Support and Evaluations

Technical Support and Optimization

To ensure that your search solution implementation is delivering maximum value, Onix offers standard and enhanced technical support packages as well as optimization services.

We have the expertise to develop add-on technologies to help you optimize your search solution and increase your return on investment. 

Post-implementation Support and Evaluations

Find Enterprise Data and Achieve More. 

Accelerate Speed to Market



Access to relevant information helps employees get things done and meet deadlines. Plus, workers aren’t re-creating work, which accelerates speed to market.
Increase Productivity



When employees find data, you’ll improve operational efficiency. In fact, you can save tens of thousands of hours and millions of dollars per year. Calculate your savings now using this Search Calculator!
Innovate the Next Big Thing



When employees aren’t searching for data and re-creating work, they can do what they love to do. Perhaps that’s strategizing a plan that helps you outmaneuver competitors. Or maybe it’s designing the newest gadget that will change the world.

Why Your Organization Needs Knowledge Discovery. 

Search for Enterprise Data

Thanks to digitization over the last 20 years, your organization has likely accumulated massive stores of data. This information resides deep within silos in disparate platforms including databases that are personal, departmental or part of internal portals.

As a result, your employees are spending exorbitant amounts of time searching for information in multiple repositories:


of an employee’s time is spent finding and analyzing information.


of workers access four or more systems on a regular basis.


of the time employees cannot find what they are looking for.

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When data can not be found, it is re-created. Even worse, work in the form of projects, parts and tests is likely duplicated. Search inefficiencies slow time to market, decrease productivity and increase costs — and may cripple your company’s ability to boost top and bottom lines and beat the competition.

Let’s bring the power of search to your organization so you can win in the marketplace instead!

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How to Deliver Quality Products Fast to Market.

Video: How to Deliver Innovative, Quality Products Fast to Market
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How to Improve Product Development Processes.

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