Security Audit

    A comprehensive and proactive approach to minimizing threats to your domain. Our cloud security consultants will implement best practices to ensure the safety of your important information. 
    Our G Suite Security Audit Includes Many Services.
    Comprehensive Analysis
    Analysis of Your G Suite Instance
    • Current threat analysis
    • Current admin console risk assessment
    • Admin console optimization
    • Authentication best practices
    • Mobile security assessment
    • Application security assessment
    • Best practices and recommended security policies
    security audit
    Email Optimization
    Email Architecture Optimization
    • Email compliance rule recommendations
    • SPF, DKIM and DMARC implementation
    • Phishing and spoofing prevention
    Change Management
    Change Management for Employees

    Our security consultants will provide you with tools to educate your employees on the importance of security:

    • Videos on working securely
    • Webinars and FAQs

    The Importance of Enterprise Security.


    The frequency and sophistication of cybersecurity attacks are escalating.

    •  Over 75% of organizations in the U.S. have been compromised by at least one cyberattack in the last 12 months.

    •  The average cost of a corporate data breach is $3.5 million.

    •  82% of all data breaches are a result of employee misuse or error.

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