Maximize G Suite Adoption and Reduce Redundant Applications.

    After implementation, G Suite adoption can often plateau without an active adoption strategy. This can lead to poor collaboration, expensive license agreements for redundant tools and inferior technology usage.

    With our Elevate Adoption and Transformation service, Onix will get you off your adoption plateau by assessing your current legacy productivity suite usage in order to plan and execute a well-managed G Suite transition, which will reduce costs while improving collaboration and productivity in your organization.

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    Our End-to-End Approach.

    Assess and Plan
    An Adoption Roadmap

    Onix recommends SoftWatch to analyze legacy productivity and G Suite usage within your organization. With detailed knowledge of your environment, Onix partners with you to:

    • Create a Transition Blueprint
    • Develop a Project Plan
    • Define KPIs for program success
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    Starting You Down the Path

    Onix will work with you to execute training and change management plans across your organization. We will enable volunteers to help with the effort, and will launch a comprehensive support model to work with you throughout the process.

    Change management
    Transitioning Your Users

    The transformation process will start with transitioning your legacy suite users who are non-exceptions according to the rollout plan. We will transition users in waves, starting with the simple cases and finishing with the more complex users and processes. 

    Transition and Transformation
    Promoting Continued Usage

    Once the transition process is complete, we will provide you with the tools and support needed to continue to inspire your users to leverage G Suite and adopt a cloud-first collaborative workplace.

    Continued G Suite Usage

    Get Off Your Adoption Plateau and Achieve More. 

    Accelerate Speed to Market



    Accelerate the time it takes to contribute and make decisions, and transform inefficient business processes into modern Google-based solutions.
    Increase Productivity



    Reduce IT costs by removing redundant legacy application licensing, infrastructure, maintenance and support.
    Innovate the Next Big Thing



    Create a culture of innovation and collaboration to drive productivity by maximizing the full potential of G Suite and Google Cloud.

    What You Receive With Our Comprehensive Solution.

    •  Kickoff Workshop •  Training Plan 
    •  User Adoption Assessment •  Transformation Roadmap
    •  Project Plan •  Transformed Processes and Documents
    •  Change Management Plan •  Advanced Support




    of executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.

    The average IT organization spends


    of its budget on support and maintenance.


    of executives believe digital transformation is a matter of survival for their business.

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    Onix Services Make the Difference for Customer Success.
    • Expertise maximizing G Suite adoption with companies of all sizes.
    • Customized solutions designed for the unique needs of your organization.
    • Award-winning professional services including communications, change management and custom app dev.
    • Communication templates, including posters and dashboards, for your organizational use.
    • Expert training classes that can be taught globally in over 20 languages.
    • A transformation workshop that can identify incredible business improvement opportunities. 
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    How to Deliver Quality Products Fast to Market.

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