Developing Custom Apps in the Cloud Using Agile Methodology

Onix develops custom web and mobile applications in the cloud that can help you solve business challenges and gain a competitive edge.

Whether your strategy is to create new products in the cloud or to move existing applications there, Onix can help you develop complete, turnkey solutions. Onix can also collaborate with your team to architect, manage and maintain apps. We focus on products — so you can run your business.

We approach each project using the Agile Methodology which helps teams respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences known as sprints. Agile Methodology enables you to stay. . .



Onix works with you to determine your specific needs and how to meet them with an application. This process ensures that exact specs are agreed to and the project remains within scope.



You’ll have the opportunity to test and modify the app regularly during the development process which helps to manage unpredictability and to meet important product milestones.



The Agile Methodology reduces risk and ensures the final product is done to your exact specifications. A project done within scope and on time is a project done — on budget.

Tap Onix Custom App Development Expertise

Our highly qualified software developers have built custom applications powered by Google’s Cloud Platform and other cloud solutions. Our developers have programming expertise in Java, PHP, Python and JavaScript and use a variety of other tools for continuous development and integration.

Google App
Java By Oracle

Our Experience Developing Custom Apps

We help large, midsize and small organizations across all industries solve business challenges and gain a competitive edge through custom web and mobile apps. We are very proud of our diverse customer portfolio.

Several of our delighted customers are listed below.
EnPro Industries
U.S. Department of the Interior
CBC Radio
Koinca Minolta

Our portfolio of work and the corresponding results are impressive. Below is a sample of applications we’ve built and how they’ve helped organizations.





Created a workflow app that allowed the marketing team to track approvals for projects being given to outside vendors.

Improved efficiencies by replacing an existing, expensive app with one that is more powerful.

Developed a visual map which plotted sales data by store location — in real time.

Retailer gained insights for decision-making. Viewers were able to see information by retail location, updated instantly and then used that data to further analyze why certain locations were outperforming others.

Collected sales data from 79 hotels across 23 states.

Improved efficiencies by automating a task working with data that was previously manually collected and compiled.

Created dashboard reports on commercial SaaS applications to gauge adoption across the global organization.

Increased productivity by saving more than 100 hours annually compared with a manual process. This data was then used to facilitate G Suite adoption.

Streamlined the approval process for correspondents to travel abroad. Verified correct training, health status, valid identification and correct insurance.

Increased productivity by automating the process, moving requests through a workflow and eliminating input errors.

Increased Gmail sending limits so that headquarters could communicate daily with 20,000 employees across more than 2,000 locations.

Enabled critical daily communications among headquarters and retail stores.

Developed a signature creator to automatically set up personal signatures for each email account.

Improved company branding, delivering a consistent brand- look to the contacts of 70,000+ email users.

We’ve built all of these apps and more using cloud-based platforms including Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.


Who Can Benefit from Custom Apps by Onix?

Custom apps can be substantial or simple. And custom doesn’t mean the project has to be costly. Whether you work in a large global organization or a small regional business, custom apps by Onix can help you:

Maximize Your Cloud-Computing Infrastructure Investment

Custom apps can help you tailor your existing cloud-based infrastructure to meet your specific needs and further improve your ROI.

Solve Operational Challenges

Whether you need to build mission-critical applications that address complex challenges or you just need a simple line of code written to provide your organization productivity savings, Onix custom apps can help.

Transform Your Business

Since your innovative culture empowers business transformation, let custom apps by Onix take your organization to the next level.

Benefits of Working with the Onix Team

More Than Software Developers —
We’re a Cloud Consultancy

Whether you’re moving to the cloud for the first time or maximizing your infrastructure’s ROI, Onix offers comprehensive services across various cloud solutions to help you. To see our entire consultancy portfolio, visit our cloud computing services page now.

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