Perfecting the Art of Organizational Change

The terms organizational change and change management are sparking new business initiatives across North America. While the former relates to a company’s efforts to optimize performance, the latter is the set of strategies, skills and processes that focus on the people side of organizational change. Change management is often tied to the introduction of new technology or processes. It’s considered a crucial inclusion to the success of a user adoption initiative.

At Onix, our Change Management services can help your organization perfect the art of organizational change, accelerating user adoption and maximizing returns on your technology investments.

Change Management

Our Change Management Process

We begin the process for change management by segmenting employee roles of your organization based on how each will be impacted by the change. For some projects, we segment by end users, executives, administrative assistants, early adopters, site coordinators and a variety of other audiences. We then guide each group through our change management curve.

We take great pride in our ability to immerse ourselves into your business. It’s our objective to understand the best communication style and delivery channel to utilize throughout every stage in the change management curve.

Support for Change
Support for Change vs. Time
Stage One



This starting point of the curve focuses on informing the different audience groups of the change management initiative. It's taking them from a state of unaware to aware. Then, with strategic messaging and chosen delivery channels, we work to move the population from awareness to an understanding of the pending change.
Stage Two



The next stage is to build a positive perception around the change that will come. This is an important part of the change management curve because it involves the implementation of the new technology or process. It’s of the utmost importance to keep the lines of communication open. All communication must be benefit oriented.
Stage Three



Increasing adoption is the goal at this stage. It’s important that messaging builds confidence, excitement and accountability. It's common for the curve to dip in this stage as users figure out how they adopt the change and achieve productivity. With our proven methodology, this dip is minimized or eliminated.
Stage Four



Last but not least is to move the population from acceptance to commitment. Though the curve ends here, there is ongoing adoption needed for new hires or even when the process or technology changes slightly. It’s our process to provide tools to understand this need and address these smaller change events.

Training and Change Management Work Side-by-Side

Training is a key component in every change management initiative. Onix has extensive experience with G Suite training along with other SaaS applications. We have been a Google Cloud Partner since 2001. All of our training solutions are delivered to your employees by our training professionals.

Google Cloud Premier Partner
Our training curriculum accommodates auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning styles.
The training materials we provide come in a variety of formats to ensure the information is easily consumed.
We have specific learning paths based on employee roles to customize the training experience.
Training can be delivered in a variety of ways to ensure that the curriculum is accessible at all times.

Our Change Management and Training Customers

We help large, midsize and small organizations across all industries adopt new technologies and be successful with our change management and training services. We are very proud of our diverse customer portfolio.

Several of our delighted customers are listed below.
Manitoulin Group of Companies
Hill Holiday
EnPro Industries
Scotts Miracle-Gro

Success: Installing AND Adopting Technology

All too often a business assumes that the desired outcome will be achieved once the technology is installed. However, the technology is only as good as the use it gets. The benefits and expected improvements are directly tied to how employees leverage the technology — and if it’s used and adopted properly. 

When both change management and training are incorporated, your organization can achieve benefits including:
  • Increased ROI
  • Decreased Project Risk and Inefficiency
  • Decreased Costs
The success of change hinges on how it’s managed. A McKinsey study showed a significantly higher ROI —108% difference — for projects with excellent vs. poor or no change management.

Onix Can Help You Begin With the End in Mind

Given our expertise and methodology, we can guarantee that your change management programs will have a successful outcome. It’s our goal to have our consulting services protect your time and get the job done right the first time.

We’re the ultimate cloud consultancy who can help you take your business to the next level. Learn more about our cloud services to truly transform your business and secure your bright future. View our cloud computing services page now.



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