Inspire New Thinking and Grow Through Business Transformation

There is an exhaustive list of complex forces that requires every business to adjust and transform. Forces like global markets, emerging technology and competition make it increasingly difficult to remain competitive and successful. A change is required to reimagine and inspire new ways business is conducted. That’s when business transformation comes into play. With Onix as your partner, you’ll have a proven path to success.

We have an industry-leading process that we couple with world-class consultancy. We leverage leadership experience, inspiring your teams to envision improved work environments. With Onix, transformational change can happen faster which positively impacts your entire organization. Trust in our experience to guide you every step of the way.

Business Transformation
Process Background

Onix’s Proven and Comprehensive Process 

Onix’s process has evolved from hands-on experience with customers and 15 years of expertise with several solution partners.

Labs to brainstorm, prototype and iterate

Individual or Team


What’s possible?


Vision of new work environment



What business process can be improved?

Process Overview

Prioritized pain points in specific lines of business



Design and implement  solutions


Solutions that create new value



Scale solutions across the organization


Individual or team


Individual or team

We Use a Participatory Lab Environment to:

  • Draw out inspiration for improvement from process owners
  • Identify specific pain points that are holding back improvement
  • Re-engineer processes using creative and innovative solutions that address the pain
  • Brainstorm, prototype and iterate the exact process to create a standard that can be used to establish a culture of continuous improvement.

What Transformational Change Can Do For You

Transformation can improve communications, collaboration, productivity and agility. It can also future-proof your organization by teaching employees how to imagine new and innovative ways to help grow the business — and inspire a continuous-improvement culture.

When your organization uses cloud-based or other innovative solutions for transformational change, you’ll inherently become more mobile friendly, data driven and knowledge rich.

A Proven Transformation Partner

Onix’s expertise can make transformational change happen faster and more smoothly. From vision to sustainment of new benefits, Onix has everything your business needs for successful transformation. To learn more about our full consultancy portfolio, visit our cloud computing services page now.

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