Enterprise Search Enhancement

Evolve Your Search Experience and Maximize its Value

You took the leap and elevated your organization to the next level by adding enterprise search. But are you maximizing your search technology’s value?

Each organization requires a different search solution, ranging from simple to sophisticated. We’re here to help you determine where your organization falls on that spectrum and ensure that you get the most out of your investment. Our enterprise search enhancement program will help you maintain or even elevate your search relevance and efficiency.

Search Maintenance and Relevancy

Search isn’t something you can just “fire up and forget.” Sometimes things stop working or need to be improved.  We’ll help you keep tabs on your search relevance, efficiency and operations.

  • Can your users easily find the right information? Sometimes the index doesn’t contain everything it should, so users can’t find what they need. We can help you assess important user behavior analytics to improve your search result.
  • Does your search produce the most relevant results? A search that provides irrelevant results doesn’t help anyone. We’ll show you how to tune your search relevance so users find the most applicable information.
  • Do you have the right partner for your
    search journey?
    Your initial deployment is just the start of your search investment. We can help you map out your ongoing journey through use case analysis and planning at each step.
  • Are you ready to invest 

    in enterprise search?
    Under previous licensing models, search used to be cost prohibitive. Today, we can help you implement enterprise search cost effectively to build relevance so you can win in the marketplace.
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Press Release

Onix Expands Enterprise Search Offerings with Coveo

We've expanded our enterprise search offerings to elevate customers to the next level of efficiency and success by joining forces with Coveo Solutions Inc., a leader in artificial intelligence (AI)-powered search and relevance. Check out our press release for more!

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