Remote Work Enablement Packages for Google Products

Whether your organization has been working from home for years or is now faced with quickly spinning up work from home options to unfamiliar workers, we can get you up and running. Onix practices what we preach. With a workforce that is over 60% remote (and currently 100%), we know the tools and have the expertise to help you with this journey. 

Enabling G Suite Adoption, Communication, Conferencing, Existing G Suite Users

Google Chat & Meet Quick Start

Remote Worker Quick Start is for organizations who want to make the change to G Suite and want to ensure a smooth adoption. With five hours of training included, your organization will be able to collaborate effectively - whether remote or not. 

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Existing G Suite Users

G Suite Training

Enable and Train is for organizations that are already using G Suite, but want to maximize the functions that enable a productive remote workforce. With custom training classes and our expertize, you'll amplify your G Suite investment. 

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Collaboration, Existing G Suite Users, Enabling G Suite Adoption

Google Drive Quick Start

Appropriate for organizations considering a change to G Suite and for those already on the platform. Collaboration Quick Start is the package you need to ensure you're maximizing your G Suite investment. 

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Enabling G Suite Adoption, Communication, Collaboration, Conferencing

Full G Suite Quick Start

Full Quick Start is our most in-depth and flexible package for organizations looking to make the move to G Suite. If your focus is on messaging and collaboration, Full Quick Start is for you. 

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Conferencing, Enabling G Suite Adoption, Existing G Suite Users

Google Meet Quick Start

If your primary concern is video and audio conferencing, the Video Conferencing Quick Start package is what you need. You'll get help with everything from provisioning to training. 

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Cloud Add-On Package

File Replication Add-On

Do you need to replicate files from on-premise servers into highly available cloud storage? The File Replication Add-On package is what you need to get started. 

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Cost Optimization

GCP Cloud Spend Optimization

It's important to understand what your cloud usage is today and how your current spend is trending to your budget. It's easy for this to get out of control. The GCP Cloud Spend Optimization package lets you retake the reins. 

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