VPN for Remote Work Quick Start

Support remote work with secure VPN connections to internal resources
In this add-on package, Onix will set up an OpenVPN server on the cloud to support multiple users needing remote access to your on-prem environment while working away from the office.
VPN for Remote Work Quick Start Add-On includes: 
Set Up & Configuration
  • Configure and set up as described in Cloud Foundations Quick Start.
  • Stand up an OpenVPN server in GCP, including private site-to-site VPN between GCP and your on-premise environment.
  • Ensure security with LDAP/RADIUS authentication configuration.
  • Train administrators on how to add and remove users from the VPN software.
  • Provide administrators with template communications to explain to users where to find appropriate resources.

Simply fill out the form and we'll be in touch to discuss the Remote Worker Quick Start VPN package with you. Please note that if you currently do not have a Google Cloud Platform presence, the Cloud Foundations Quick Start package is required. We look forward to helping your organization with your journey!

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