Simplify Your Budget Management and Billing for Google Cloud Platform with OnSpend by Onix™

    The proper management of IT infrastructure budgets, and the subsequent billing process, has always been central to business productivity. However, as more companies move their workloads to the cloud, tracking spend and managing the billing process has created new work and process challenges.

    OnSpend by Onix™, a billing analytics tool, empowers you to efficiently and effectively manage the budget and billing processes associated with your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) accounts and projects by visualizing your GCP usage and equating that usage to cost.

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    Features Let You Manage Now And Forecast For The Future

    See GCP Usage and Spend Across Accounts and Projects

    Get an accurate visual representation of your GCP usage and spend across all of your accounts and projects.

    With the ability to set custom date ranges to view both usage and spend metrics on a daily or cumulative basis, you are in control of your GCP budgets.

    Visualize GCP Usage and Spend
    Budget at Multiple Levels and Track Against Any Budget

    OnSpend allows you to create budgets at multiple levels and track your GCP spend against any given budget.

    Unlike the Google Cloud Console, OnSpend tracks your budget past 30 days or gives you the option to set your timeframe to reflect the duration of your PO. OnSpend also supports multiple PO's to make yearly budgeting easier.

    Budget and Track Your GCP Spend
    Forecast Future Spend Based On Past Spending Behavior

    Utilize the forecast feature to understand your future GCP spend based on past spending behaviors and patterns. 

    Have the intelligence to predict a budget's completion, which is determined by previous daily spend averages and allows the billing administrator to set date ranges for customized analysis. 

    Forecast Future GCP Spend Based on Past Spending
    Get Notified of Projects At Risk of Budget Overrun

    The alert feature provides notifications for critical events related to a project at risk of a budget overrun.

    Users can choose to receive notifications on a daily, weekly, monthly or PO basis. 

    Get Notified of Projects at Risk of Budget Overrun.

    Benefits Help You Easily Manage GCP Usage and Spend 




    Understand how your organization consumes GCP services. Know precisely who is using GCP, when they are using it, and how much they are using.



    Organize information at the billing account and project level to efficiently manage multiple accounts and projects at once.



    Use past spending data to budget more accurately your present and future GCP spend.

    Why Organizations Need OnSpend

    As more organizations move to the cloud, and as cloud usage and spend are expected to grow dramatically in the coming years, it is vital that organizations be able to effectively monitor and manage their cloud usage, spend and billing. OnSpend gives you the tools to visualize your cloud usage and spend, and to adjust it as needed to increase efficiency and avoid waste. 



    of mature cloud users cited managing cloud spend as their biggest challenge.



    of cloud spend is wasted on average by organizations.



    of IT spending will be cloud-based by 2018. 

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