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To be competitive, your organization must automate as many manual processes as possible, leaving employees more time to pursue strategic execution that pushes the business forward.

That’s why Opprove Workflow by Onix was created. It’s an easy-to-use tool empowering G Suite users to create a workflow or a sequence of steps through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion. 

Users can submit a request, along with any required artifacts, and the workflow design governs the approver for each approval stage, sending notifications upon approval or rejection of the request.

Benefits of Opprove.

Helps make G Suite more useful within your organization.
Allows your enterprise to be more efficient in routing documents.
Streamlines and automates the process of approvals.
Saves time, effort and resources by organizing the approval process and setting deadlines for approvals.

How It Works

Opprove allows you to design and use workflows, in which a user-defined request can be submitted, Google Drive artifacts are selected, and approvers have access to all required information before making the decision to approve or deny the request.

Each approval level can require a named approver prior to being forwarded to the next level. Email and dashboard notifications specify actions to be taken by each user. Anyone within an organization that uses G Suite can use this tool including project or line managers who wish to formalize and automate processes for organizational efficiency.

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Business Use Cases for Workflows.

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications

Corporate communications that must be reviewed, edited, and approved before publication.

 Human Resources

Human Resources

Leave requests that are approved by supervisors and ultimately tracked by Human Resources.



Procurement approvals and workflows can be created for various amount thresholds or approval levels.

All Departments

All Departments

Expense report approvals for which varying levels of approval are needed.

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