Leverage technology for quick, consistent and effective grading.

    To become strong writers, students need detailed feedback on their essays. But with heavy grading loads and busy schedules, how can teachers spend the necessary time reviewing assignments in-depth to provide students with the feedback and instruction they need?

    Introducing GradeOn! by Onix™ — a grading solution that works with G Suite and Google Classroom to make grading faster, easier and more consistent — all while providing meaningful instruction and feedback to students so they can become better writers. 


    How GradeOn! Works

    GradeOn! delivers a simple, intuitive and robust interface and experience, ensuring that the effectiveness of teacher feedback and the writing potential of students are both maximized. 

    Effective grading in the classroom
    Customize Rubrics
    Create customized rubrics to align with language standards.
    • Grade writing assignments by highlighting text and clicking a comment from the rubric.
    • Leave free-form comments on specific text or within a rubric to help clarify feedback.
    • Share rubrics with other teachers to create grading consistency from class to class. 
    Calculate Grading
    After an assignment is graded, categories are summarized to calculate a final grade.
    • Grades are based on weighted deductions for each comment.
    • Make positive comments during grading to add bonus points to the final grade. 
    Maximize Progress
    Metrics are produced so teachers and students can identify areas for future instruction and improvement.
    • Comments are summarized by category so areas needing the most improvement can easily be identified.
    • A GradeOn! Index score is provided, which is the number of comments made per 1,000 words. The lower the index score, the higher the overall grade. 
    Identify Trends
    Identify positive or negative writing trends from assignment to assignment.
    • Document progress and data to drive instructional priorities. 
    • Visual graphs showing the trends help teachers and students better understand the data and make it actionable. 

    Benefits of GradeOn!

    • Reduce grading time.
    • Grade consistently by creating and even sharing grading rubrics aligned with language standards.
    • Improve student writing skills through detailed feedback and prioritization of instruction based on needs. 
    • Use quantifiable metrics to validate student progress toward standards for each course.
    • Identify areas for improvement by tracking writing trends for each student. 

    Google Integrations Make Grading and Classroom Management a Cinch.

    oie_jpg (3).pngGradeOn! works seamlessly with G Suite, empowering teachers to grade assignments anytime, anywhere. Onix is a Google Cloud Premiere Partner, employing G Suite and Google Cloud Platform certified developers. 

    G Classroom-2.pngThe application also integrates with Google Classroom so teachers can easily create courses and assignments. It's also easy to populate students' names, issue assignments, track submission and grade essays based on the selected rubric — with or without Google Classroom. 



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