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Add-ons for G Suite

Find business apps to enhance productivity, collaboration and innovation. G Suite add ons by Onix can be found here or on the G Suite Marketplace.

Featured Product gOptix


gOptix by Onix

A streamlined approach to monitoring your organization’s G Suite usage including the ability to view data by units or subdomains.

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Workflow by Onix

Forget complicated workflow tools or programming. Streamline approval processes with ease to increase organizational efficiency. Simply create a workflow, select an approver and attach a file in Google Drive if necessary. 

KMWorld Trend-Setting Product 2016

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GradeOn! by Onix

GradeOn! is a grading solution that works seamlessly with G Suite and Google Classroom to make grading faster, easier and more effective — all while providing meaningful instruction and feedback to students.

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gOptix by Onix

Replace standard G Suite reporting with gOptix. Start using a customized interface to analyze Google Drive and account usage in addition to Google+ and Google Site statistics. Incorporate insights into change management efforts to boost company ROI.

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Odentical by Onix

Any G Suite user can benefit from using Odentical to save time and increase accuracy when copying files and folders in Google Drive. Odentical simply copies a Google Drive folder including all of its subfolders and files into another Google Drive location specified by the user.

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