Onix and Mindbreeze Inspire Elevate Organizations Through Intelligent Enterprise Search 

This intelligent enterprise search solution connects and converts scattered information into knowledge, making it available automatically at the touch of a button. 

Mindbreeze InSpire locates relevant information across all of your company’s data sources at split-second speed. It finds and analyzes both structured and unstructured information in databases, forms, documents and email messages. Its also supports the search requirements of special departments that have specific information needs. 

Key Features and Benefits

Get all of the information you need, quickly and intuitively when you need it. Below are some of the features of Mindbreeze InSpire.

  • Individual Search ApplicationsThe Mindbreeze editor dynamically connects and displays information from different sources — just as you want it. The editor contains a selection of design elements that easily combine to create customized dashboards without the need for any programming knowledge.
  • Content ManagementMindbreeze InSpire analyzes all information — both structured and unstructured. These intelligent analyses automatically classify content according to topic and recognized concepts. For example, Mindbreeze InSpire recognizes the context of information, so terms such as “Jaguar” and “Puma” can be correctly interpreted as animal or brand names. It also structures text content. Information, such as people, companies, places and beyond, is directly recognized in a text document just as if the content was structured in a database.

  • Connectors for Perfect Data IntegrationFor quick integration in your company, Mindbreeze InSpire offers over 450 connectors to integrate different data sources. These include such common data sources as network drives, Microsoft SharePoint and a wide range of ECM systems. But Mindbreeze’s connectors offer much more. They support operative and analytical requirements, as well as a pre-selection of relevant data pools. The connectors also ensure a highly efficient comparison of changes so users can quickly find new and changed documents, while information from deleted documents is removed from the index.

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The Impact of Enterprise Search with Onix

Knowledge management in the enterprise is a challenge. It impacts knowledge workers’ decision-making abilities and creates frustrations in their day-to-day experience.

At Onix, we can help your organization address these issues. We provide solutions aimed at helping your teams quickly find information, make effective decisions and work productively.
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