Onix and Lucidworks Help Your Organization Reach Its Cognitive Search Goals

 Lucidworks Fusion, an advanced search and data analysis platform, delivers the enterprise-grade capabilities needed to design, develop, and deploy powerful search apps at any scale. Deploy it for enterprise search, e-commerce, real-time data analytics and whatever else requires blazing fast data retrieval. Use it as a standalone search platform or as an extension of your existing Solr implementation.

Key Features and Benefits

Lucidworks is a highly versatile solution available for on-premise and cloud deployment. Built on top of the Solr open source platform, it's highly scalable for ever changing business needs. 

  • Administrator One View Sometimes the index doesn’t contain everything it should, so users can’t find what they need. We can help you assess important user behavior analytics to improve your search results.
  • Discovery Findings Review A search that provides irrelevant results doesn’t help anyone. We’ll show you how to tune your search relevance so users find the most applicable information.
  • Solution Validation Your initial deployment is just the start of your search investment. We can help you map each step of your ongoing journey through use-case analysis and strategic planning.
  • Roadmap and Deployment Planning Under previous licensing models, search used to be cost prohibitive. Today, we can help you cost effectively implement enterprise search within your organization to build the relevance you need to win in the marketplace.
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Enterprise Search

The Impact of Enterprise Search with Onix

Knowledge management in the enterprise is a challenge. It impacts knowledge workers’ decision-making abilities and creates frustrations in their day-to-day experience.

At Onix, we can help your organization address these issues. We provide solutions aimed at helping your teams quickly find information, make effective decisions and work faster, smarter and more productively.
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