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Moving mobile computing to the cloud has never been easier for your organization. Google Chrome offers a wide variety of devices from major OEMs including Dell, HP, Asus and Lenovo. Form factors range from laptops, all-in-one desktops and convertibles (2-in-1) to the Chromebit PC on a stick.

All of these devices run Chrome OS, providing secure, flexible, fast and easy-to-manage mobile computing in the cloud — without overloading the budget.

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Meeting Your Needs With Google Chrome.

Whether you’re replacing laptops for employees on-the-go, deploying virtual desktop services from Citrix or VMWare, refreshing call center agent equipment or powering digital signage, kiosks or video conferences, Onix provides the Chrome products and expertise to meet your needs.

Chrome browser logo
Chrome Browser
Chrome Browser

The browser allows you to set up groups, configure employee applications, auto-update security fixes and more. It is the portal to everything you do on Chrome devices and ensures:

  • Safe browsing with security functions such as built-in malware and phishing protection 
  • Access to your customized browser from any computer using syncing capabilities
  • Rapid page load time and seamless navigation
  • Users always have the latest security fixes with Google’s auto updates.
Chrome Browser
Chrome Devices
Chrome Devices

Looks and feels like a laptop, but it’s faster and much more secure.


An all-in-one computer with monitor, mouse and keyboard built in.


A small stand-alone system with digital signage features.

Chromebox for Meetings
Chromebox for Meetings

A Chromebox, high-definition video camera, microphone, remote control and Google Hangout displayed on a monitor in a meeting room.


It’s Chrome OS on a stick! Plug the device into any display and turn it into a computer.

Chrome Device Management
Chrome Device Management

Chrome devices are managed through Chrome Device Management, allowing administrators to manage dozens to thousands of devices from a single management console. You can also: 

  • Automatically apply updates from Google on individual devices
  • Centrally change settings on all managed corporate devices
  • Apply corporate “green” policies by enforcing power management options on corporate devices
  • Establish single purpose devices to use as shared anonymous terminals
  • Automatically enter kiosk / terminal / thin client mode to run a single application.
Chrome Device Management
Chrome Services
Chrome Services

Save time and utilize our services to ensure that every facet of your Chrome deployment is handled with the utmost care and expertise. We’ll deliver optimized and ready-to-use devices to help you reach your business goals. 

Onix offers a full line of services including:
  • Deployment and Management of Devices
  • Training and Support Services
  • Custom Application Development
  • Digital Signage Solutions.

To learn more, visit the Google Chrome Enterprise Deployment services page now.

Chrome for Work Services

How Does Google Chrome Enable Secure, Fast and Easy Mobile Computing in the Cloud?

Using Chrome devices, employees work primarily connected to the Internet. Since the devices run only Chrome OS or virtualized apps, software and documents are stored in the cloud — not on the computer’s hard drive.

The devices are simple, intuitive, run at lightning speed and hold the highest levels of security. In fact, they boot up in less than eight seconds, always with the most secure, up-to-date operating system.

Chrome OS uses several features to ensure a secure computing environment including: 
  • Process sandboxing
  • Encrypted partition for each user account
  • Verified boot
  • And more!

Save Time and Money

Since the devices run only cloud or virtualized applications, there is minimal software maintenance needed for your company’s computer fleet. Additionally when a device breaks, it can be more cost effective to replace it rather than repair it. IT personnel is no longer wasting time fixing equipment, and your company saves money. 

Save Time and Money

Easily Share Computers 

Chrome devices are the best for sharing with multiple people. Employees can share devices without compromising personal information. Guest browsing doesn’t even require a Google account. Each user session is encrypted separately, so there’s no need to worry about security.

Coordinating shareability of your computer fleet is a cinch with Chrome Device Management. You can manage 10; 1,000 or even 10,000 computers from a single location.

Easily Share Computers

Flexible With Many Use Cases.

Desktop Replacement

Replace your PCs with Google Chrome devices, and your organization can cut its total cost of ownership by almost 75% over three years. Plus, you get productivity gains in your workforce since Chrome devices are faster, more secure and easier to manage.

Virtual Desktop

Need to deploy disparate devices that run heterogeneous software or virtual desktops? Chrome runs the perfect virtualization solutions for you including virtual desktop integration (VDI), hosted desktop and application virtualization.


Need to build a customer or employee kiosk? No problem. With Chrome devices multiple users can interact with a single app. Or you can provide employees access to communal workstations, where they log into their own session and can access their own apps and desktop.     

Digital Signage

From small-format/tablet devices to large-format screens pushing 4K video or display walls, Chrome devices provide media player solutions for all your digital signage requirements. This flexibility means you can centrally manage all your players from Chrome Device Management.

Onix provides a full suite of Chrome services for each of these applications including deployment, installation and monitoring. To learn more, visit the Google Chrome Enterprise Deployment services page now.

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