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Google delivers Search, Chrome, Maps and other technologies that make your personal life easier. Google Cloud helps to bring professional-grade versions of those same tools to your organization to spark innovation, collaboration and productivity.

While Google develops the products in the Google Cloud portfolio, you’ll need to choose a partner to integrate, deploy and service them for your enterprise. Onix brings your company extensive expertise in the implementation of Google Cloud products. We have been a Google Cloud Partner since 2001.

Google Cloud

Transform Your Business With These Powerful Solutions.

G Suite
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G Suite

Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Drive and Hangouts are tools that help you communicate, collaborate, innovate and so much more. Find out why more than 5 million companies are using G Suite to win in the marketplace.

Google Chrome
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Google Chrome

Tap into an end-point solution that delivers security, speed and easy central management — without breaking the budget. Whether you need to replace desktops or power digital signs, kiosks or video conferences, Chrome and Onix can help.

Cloud Platform
Cloud Platform
Cloud Platform

Developing apps, hosting a website or storing big data? Consider Google Cloud Platform — THE largest and most advanced computer network in the world.

Google Enterprise Search
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Google Enterprise Search

Bring the power of Google Enterprise Search to your organization to help customers find products on your website and enable employees to locate data deep within company silos. Help people find what they are looking for quickly to increase productivity, boost sales and more.

Google Maps
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Google Maps

Gain access to the most accurate and up-to-date mapping service using Google Maps APIs. You’ll get all the tools you need to implement customizable, mobile-ready, scalable maps for your apps and sites.

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G Suite and Whirlpool


G Suite — Connecting More Than 25,000 People at Whirlpool

In 2014, Onix migrated more than 25,000 Whirlpool users to G Suite. Find out why Whirlpool made the decision to Go Google and how the Onix team became an extension of Whirlpool’s winning workplace.

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