Onix and Coveo Deliver AI-Powered Enterprise Search

At Onix, we can elevate your search and relevancy capabilities to the next level. We do this through our strategic partner, Coveo, a leader in AI-powered search and recommendations software to personalize customer and employee experiences.

The Coveo Platform allows you to securely access the most relevant information at the right moment from across Coveo's entire information ecosystem, on-premise or in the cloud. In a league of its own, Coveo's out-of-the-box,  machine-learning algorithm can transform any organization through relevancy. It unifies your data so you can enhance relevance across the customer and employee experience.

Key Features and Benefits

Employee proficiency instead of efficiency reaps the greatest rewards in today's competitive marketplace. By fostering an intelligent workplace with Coveo's search solutions, you give  your employees accessible, relevant information to build their knowledge base.

  • Empower Employees Coveo's AI-powered enterprise search learns what people search for, determines what has been most useful for others in the company and predicts the content that will best meet their needs, now and in the future.
  • Support Multiple Access LevelsVarious groups across the company need access to different levels of information. Coveo enterprise search adheres to security and access control privileges to ensure content results are tuned to be relevant and permissible across the enterprise.
  • Inspire CollaborationLarge organizations don’t always share the same jargon or culture; they've often grown through mergers and acquisitions. Coveo enterprise search enables all employees to build upon each others' knowledge by unifying disparate information from multiple sources and different languages,. And it tunes all of it to be relevant to the job at hand.
  • Drive Better Business Decisions Coveo makes every encounter relevant to your business. The platform lets you infuse personalization at every micro-moment across employee and customer experiences.
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The Impact of Enterprise Search with Onix

Knowledge management in the enterprise is a challenge. It impacts knowledge workers’ decision-making abilities and creates frustrations in their day-to-day experience.

At Onix, we can help your organization address these issues. We provide solutions aimed that help your teams quickly find information, make effective decisions and work productively.
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