Process Automation to Elevate Your Business.

Opprove Process Automation Screenshot

In today’s competitive environment, process automation allows organizations to help employees streamline their workloads. This enables them to pursue strategic execution and business growth initiatives rather than spending time on routine administrative tasks.

That’s why we created Opprove Workflow by Onix™. This easy-to-use cloud application empowers G Suite users to create approval workflows through process automation.

With Opprove, a formal request seamlessly passes from initiation to completion entirely in the cloud.

How It Works

With Opprove, you design and use customized approval workflows that allow users to initiate approval requests online through process automation.

Users fill out a simple form with all information needed for approval decisions. This form then passes through a custom-defined approval flow.

Notable Opprove features include:

  • Each approval level can require a named approver before being forwarded to the next level.
  • Email notifications keep requesters and approvers aware of approval decisions or workflow actions.
  • Anyone within an organization that uses G Suite can use this tool, including project or line managers that wish to formalize and automate organizational processes.

Why Approve with Opprove

Using Opprove expands G Suite's usefulness across your organization.

Opprove allows you to dramatically increase efficiency when routing documents and forms. It streamlines approvals through process automation
by setting deadlines and maintaining an organized flow. This saves time, effort and resources.

What’s more, you can easily customize Opprove for your organization’s specific needs.

Potential Use Cases

There are countless ways you can use Opprove to improve your organization.
  • Use it to review, edit and approve corporate communications prior to publication.
  • Set up a workflow to manage leave requests for approval by supervisors and tracking by Human Resources.
  • Automate the expense report function. You even can add Opprove’s process automation for procurement by creating workflows for various threshold amounts or approval levels.

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