Fast, Easy Copying of Files and Folders in Google Drive

Take the hassle out of copying and moving folders in G Suite. Odentical by Onix™ does the heavy lifting for you, whether you’re a casual or power user.

This free app, built specifically for G Suite, copies a complete Google Drive folder including all of its subfolders and files and places the copy into your specified Google Drive location without errors or missed files.

Why Odentical?

  • Makes copying groups of small to midsize folders* a cinch.
  • Ensures an accurate copy of all the folders and files within the specified folder.
  • Saves time when copying information within Google Drive.

It's Free and Easy to Use

The screenshot below illustrates the simplicity of this application. No training is required. Just install the app — and start copying!
*Onix defines small to midsize folder structure as 0-1,875 files or folders.

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