Investigative Firm Uses Google Maps for Competitive Advantage and Efficiency

CoventBridge Group is the largest worldwide investigation company providing surveillance, claims investigation, counter-fraud programs, desktop investigations, record retrieval, canvasses and more. A significant portion of CoventBridge Group’s business is field investigations. Typical turnaround time for a surveillance case is two weeks, but occasionally the requested turnaround time can be as little as two hours! Case managers and field investigators need to do their jobs both quickly and thoroughly; there is no time to waste.

To manage their 5,000 open cases at any given time, CoventBridge uses SmartPartner, their proprietary claims software platform which incorporates Google Maps. The technology has fostered their growth into the largest worldwide investigative solutions company today.

Customer Quote

“Even though SmartPartner is largely an internal tool, it does get demoed to prospects. We invest in technology and are proud to show current and potential customers that our technology is better than that of our competitors.” - Jason Zurn, CIO, CoventBridge Group