Google Maps Integration Empowers Users of Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive CRM is a sales pipeline management software application which is simple to use yet very powerful. One of Pipedrive’s key features is its integration of Google Maps, an immensely helpful tool for any field sales team.

Pipedrive’s Head of Growth explained, “Google Maps was the first choice. It’s developer friendly and was already a product familiar to us and to our end users. We want our users to feel comfortable with our software, and Google Maps is the best mapping software out there.”

Customer Quote

"Onix delivered white glove service. Being a startup, things move quickly at Pipedrive. Onix showed us how to reduce map costs while increasing map usage. And they did this in four days! Onix quickly understood our needs and delivered easily digestible reports to show next steps. Pipedrive is really happy now with our Maps offering and happy to be with Onix.”- Head of Growth, Pipedrive