Notre Dame Hesburgh Library

Notre Dame: Digitally Transformed in Four Months

When Notre Dame faculty and staff moved to Google Apps for email and calendaring services, they joined Notre Dame students who have used Google Apps since 2008.  

The Notre Dame community was excited and prepared for this change. Campus IT staff was trained and ready to support the campus community, and were supplemented with Google Guides in each department. They offered over 100 instructor-led training sessions and gave the campus access to a multitude of online videos and tutorials provided by Onix. All of these efforts were complemented by a marketing campaign that included email messages, posters and special events designed to generate awareness and excitement around the move to Google.

Customer Quote

"We had a massive amount of data that we needed to move more than 15,000 accounts and more than 10TB of data. With Onix’s support, we successfully moved that data from our campus email system to Google Apps in less than four months. The Onix team’s expertise with Google Apps and the migration process was instrumental in this success."- Ron Kraemer, CIO, University of Notre Dame