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VIDEO! Global Medical Device Manufacturer Stryker Instruments Explains Why Enterprise Search

Challenged with locating data and experiencing redundant rework and product duplication, Stryker Instruments turned to an enterprise search solution for help.

Watch this video interview with Stryker's VP of R&D and hear the story firsthand including how Stryker Instruments uses a search solution to:

  • Reduce search time, freeing employees up to do what they love to do — innovate and design great products
  • Eliminate waste by no longer re-running expensive tests and re-creating parts
  • Ramp up a dynamic workforce — easily finding original product information in the face of a new and changing workforce
  • Return $4 for every $1 invested.

Customer Quote

"The transparency provided by enterprise search is a pretty amazing thing for us, because we used to work in silos. Now we are going toward this global entity; that is what we are really driving."- Klaus Welte, VP R&D, Stryker Instruments