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City of Rochester Hills Goes Google to Save Servers, Dollars and Cents

The City of Rochester Hills, Michigan, like governments everywhere, is no stranger to budget issues and challenges. After all city staff were challenged by their Mayor and City Council to find ways to be more efficient and reduce operational costs, the city opted to go Google. G Suite was expected to save an estimated $50,000 over six years compared to upgrading and maintaining their existing Microsoft Exchange email system.

G Suite also simplified their IT infrastructure and reduced support costs. The city eliminated two servers and the associated operating system and application software. That translated into less equipment and software to patch and replace, making day-to-day maintenance less time consuming and the next network upgrade less complicated.

Customer Quote

"City employees benefit from easy access to G Suite from anywhere they have an Internet connection. We are very happy with our decision to move to the world of 100% web." - Kevin Krajewski, Deputy Director of MIS, City of Rochester Hills