Google Apps Grows Right Along with Garland Industries

Bruce Emrick is the Director of IT for Garland Industries. He has been with the company for 16 years and has seen the company grow significantly during that time. In his role with the parent company, he and his staff of six do not dictate how the other Garland companies handle their IT functionality. Rather, he introduces the tools being used at the parent company to their manufacturing companies and shows them what options he and his staff like — and why. Currently, the company has 600 Google Apps licenses; they will be moving the two most recently-acquired companies to Apps over the next several months.

Customer Quote

"Switching to Google was a big deal. We had overhead costs, issues and time invested in setup and support (of existing systems). But Google just made it easy and those problems went away. We also liked the resources that Onix had for deployment and training." - Bruce Emrick, Director of IT, Garland Industries