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Google Chrome Elevates Engagement, Efficiency in a Senior-Care Environment

For more than 45 years, family-owned Jarlette Health Services has focused on elevating resident comfort and care by cultivating an atmosphere where individuals can feel at home during their retirement years.

When you care for more than 2,000 residents across 20 retirement lodges and long-term care homes throughout Ontario, a reliable and efficient digital platform is paramount in keeping your workforce productive, connected and engaged.

To enhance existing infrastructure and further amplify the exceptional standard of care that has become a touchstone of business, Jarlette Health Services has strategically introduced Google Chrome into its operations.

Customer Quote

“Our dedicated frontline staff has benefited tremendously from the migration to the Chromebook infrastructure. They have expressed that they are thrilled with the improved ergonomics, increased mobility of their cart-mounted devices and that the user-friendly interface has streamlined the many data entry elements of their respective roles.” - Donna Lister, IT Support Specialist, Jarlette Health Services