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The Manitoulin Group of Companies Happily Recalls Go Live as a "Non-Event"

A Go Live is an exciting time as it marks a major milestone in an organization's history. It echoes the conclusion of a deployment or implementation of G Suite. It signals the beginning and the official “big bang” for change within an organization. It also reflects the beginning of people working more productively, efficiently and collaboratively in the Cloud as a company, and it highlights that company's accomplishment of leading the way in the technological market.

Onix had the pleasure of working with Manitoulin, whose project team described the Go Live as a “non-event,” a huge compliment and testimony to the team's preparation to ensure that the Go Live was a surprise-free, smooth-sailing success.

Customer Quote

As the Go Live approached, three months after the change was announced, excitement surged as the organization looked forward to using the new toolset. The change was managed effectively, and end users felt ready to move forward.