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Freight Exchange Uses Google Maps to Power Freight Management Software

Freight Exchange Network's FreightTracer is a GPS management tool for the manufacturing industry. Prior to FreightTracer, there was no solution in the marketplace for a manufacturer to track its shipments; the shipping company had all the information — and the shipper had no access to real-time data.

Now manufacturers have the ability to track freight in real time, regardless of the trucking company being used. The company's founders note that because FreightTracer is built on Google Maps and Google Maps APIs, users have immediate confidence in the product. Google also enables Freight Exchange Network to deliver on their promise of "freight tracking made simple."

Customer Quote

"Google is always building out the (Maps) platform. The predictive traffic information Google has added is a huge benefit. Shipments could be at risk, and shippers now have that information immediately." - Mark Eichinger, Product Development & Business Operations, Freight Exchange Network