cloud computing infrastructure

Cloud Computing Infrastructure Keeps Lawyers Connected

Personal injury law firm Cannon & Dunphy faced unacceptable server downtime and inaccessible data. Leadership sought a reliable cloud computing infrastructure to keep sensitive client information at the legal staff’s fingertips.

The Wisconsin-based firm’s existing data center provider lacked the necessary server uptime to keep Cannon & Dunphy’s team doing the work it needed to do. This hindered the firm’s productivity and projected billable hours. The managing partners knew improving server accessibility and reliability would reduce costs caused by these outages. They believed a cloud solution could be the right answer, but they needed to ensure that it would work with the firm’s existing Microsoft operating system.

Customer Quote

“Excellent planning and service” with “superb follow through” were what Cannon & Dunphy’s leadership and IT professionals said they received from the Onix team during the transfer of 7 TB of the firm’s data to Google Cloud Platform.