US Canada Rainbow Bridge

Avoiding Delays at the US-Canada Border with NITTEC and Google Maps

Every month, an average of one million vehicles cross the three bridges with border checkpoints between the U.S. and Canada in Western New York State and Southern Ontario. The job of Niagara International Transportation Technology Coalition (NITTEC) is to help vacationers and commuters in the Niagara Falls area see any traffic and road issues that might stand in their way.

They chose Google Maps to compile 10 data feeds from across 30 coalition agencies and give drivers a single view of their trip. The map refreshes every 20 seconds, and a mobile version allows drivers approaching the border to get up-to-date info while they’re en route.

Customer Quote

"People are already familiar with Google Maps, so seeing our map provides clear, customizable and up-to-date traffic information that can be viewed at a glance and that’s easy to digest. It also helps us send a message about the NITTEC brand — that we’re on a mission to help people in the area get where they’re going safely and more efficiently.” - Athena Hutchins, Executive Director, NITTEC