News! Onix & Lucidworks Launch New PaaS Search Solution

Posted by Kathie Kinde-Clark, Marketing Director

Aug 30, 2019 8:45:00 AM


Onix has teamed up with partner Lucidworks to offer “FusionReady by Onix.” This Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) version of Lucidworks’ popular Fusion search product gives users a fully implemented instance that runs with minimal resource drain.

FusionReady by Onix is hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), which is known for its strength in Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI drives this new FusionReady search solution.

“FusionReady addresses the need for a better search solution for organizations that don’t have the bandwidth or knowledge to tackle their own implementation,” says Tim Needles, Onix President and CEO. “For those who have used Lucidworks' traditional Fusion product, we're now able to offer this same AI-based search technology hosted seamlessly with Google Cloud Platform, with the added benefit of having the Onix team there to get clients up and running every step of the way.”

This PaaS search solution is appropriate for any organization with the need for a hosted search environment. It's particularly suited for companies seeking to increase the accuracy of their on-site search capabilities of their own web pages.

"Search is the best way to extract the value within structured and unstructured data. We are excited to extend Fusion’s AI-powered search to all customers from Onix’s managed Google Cloud Platform,” says Jeff Depa, Chief Revenue Officer for Lucidworks. “This is a truly unique collaboration between leading search and cloud providers, and we'll continue to work together to ensure that best of breed solutions and expertise in search and AI are made available to an even greater audience."

We launched FusionReady by Onix in September at the 2019 ACTIVATE conference in Washington.  Onix’s Scott Mabe and Chris Cook offered a live demo of a full FusionReady by Onix deployment and showed attendees how they could quickly launch their on-site cloud search journey with FusionReady by Onix

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Kathie Kinde-Clark, Marketing Director

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