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MapsIndoors: Create Safe Social Distancing For Your Office

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Access our On-Demand Webinar for insights into the MapsIndoors tool and technology that enables your workforce to securely return to the office. You'll also receive access to the free MapsIndoors demo and bonus ebook!

As Covid-19 lockdowns slowly begin to lift across the country, many business leaders are thinking about the future of their offices and their return-to-work strategies. The question on the forefront of everyone’s mind: “How do we keep our employees safe when the doors reopen?”

Indoor mapping is an invaluable tool that ensures a safe workplace by teaching employees how to interact with their office spaces to stay socially distanced.

You'll gain practical insights on how you can implement safe social distancing strategies in the office.

What You Will Learn:

  • What indoor mapping & navigation is
  • How you can create a safe environment by helping employees and guests safely navigate your building(s)
  • How to set up and share monitoring and dashboards to give your employees improved peace of mind
  • How you can customize the platform and integrate with other apps

- Presenters -

Derek Imes
Derek Imes
Head of Geospatial
gary Headshot - Square
Gary Wood

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