Maps API Implementation

Push Your Business Forward with Google Maps API

These days, people demand engaging digital experiences from their favorite brands—especially on-the-go. They want their experiences to be simple, user friendly, intuitive and accessible.  Users seeking restaurants, supermarkets, hot coffee or even a doctor’s office on the fly rely on location-based information that is only available with the help of advanced mapping solutions.

For the companies offering this information, accessing relevant location data is a challenge, but accessing Google Maps API data can be an even bigger challenge. In fact, many app developers don’t have the resources they need to develop software that interprets location data.

Mapping Solutions Your Users Will Love

At Onix, we help you explore, choose and leverage the best mapping solutions, including Google Maps Platform and other leading services. Our maps API professionals provide license consulting, API implementation and deployment, custom application development and support to maximize your ROI across your entire maps journey.

Gain an Edge with Custom Mapping Solutions

Take advantage of custom mapping solutions designed to solve your organizational challenges and allow your business to gain a competitive edge in the market.

  • Geolocation
  • Geocoding
  • Route optimization
  • Points of interest
  • Auto complete
  • Geofencing
  • Street view
  • Offline capabilities
  • Map styles
  • Real-time traffic
  • Elevation and time

Implement Google Maps API with Ease

At Onix, we streamline your Google maps API implementation and then provide ongoing support and service after deployment is complete. We cover all the bases. Take a look at all the ways we can make your maps API journey a smooth one.

Pre-Sale License Consulting

Selecting the right maps API services can be confusing. That’s why our Certified Maps Sales Specialists will meet with you before you select a solution to fully understand and evaluate your location needs. Our mapping solutions experts ensure you purchase the appropriate service for your organization’s product and quota consumption needs.

API Implementation and Deployment

After you’ve purchased or renewed your license, it’s time to get ready to roll out your maps API platform. Our Certified Developers will work with you to implement and deploy your new maps platform, navigating each step, including:

  • Consultation and deployment planning
  • Pre-deployment activities, such as code walkthroughs and video webinars to ensure proper license implementation
  • API deployment
  • Integration with third-party solutions
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Case Study: Google Maps Deployment

Google Maps API Integration Empowers Users of Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive, a developer of a leading sales pipeline management software app, wanted to integrate a maps API solution that would take its product to the next level. Enter Onix and Google Maps Platform.
Pipedrive, an Onix mapping solutions customer

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