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Elevate your Business with Insights from Maps and Location-Based Services

Ready to go anywhere in the world at anytime? We can send you, your employees and your customers on amazing virtual journeys thanks to cloud-based mapping APIs. Location intelligence is one of the things we do best here at Onix.

Maximize Your Map Services

A well-planned location-based services strategy allows you to maximize mapping APIs by: 

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Optimizing your assets
  • Asset Tracking Track your fleets, shipments, or other assets with predictive time-travel, route optimization and vehicle analytics.
  • Field Workers Visualize where your workers are at any time, while allowing them to access your CRM, get directions and optimize routes from any device.
  • Ride-Sharing and Delivery Give your drivers the best location data and your customers a user-friendly experience.
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Engaging with users
  • eCommerce Visualize your locations and create a user-friendly experience with street view, directions and auto-complete for faster, error-free checkout.
  • Real Estate Combine customer/property data with maps APIs to analyze neighborhood trends, locate and coordinate the closest technician for quick repairs and organize property visits.
  • Risk Management/Insurance Use location intelligence to find nearby hospitals, pharmacies or fire departments near your assets.
  • Environmental Conduct assessments or plan your next bricks-and-mortar location using elevation or demographic data.
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Developing custom applications Do you need something more than license implementation and consulting? Our fully stacked application developers can create turnkey, browser-­based and native mobile maps. We also can collaborate with your in-house development teams to architect, manage and maintain mapping applications.
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Whether you work in a small company, a government agency or a large enterprise, we’re here to help you develop beautiful, functional maps and embed them into your sites, applications and internal platforms. Through our expert consulting, deployment and ongoing support and service, we help you maximize the value of your location-based services investment.

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A Roadmap for Location-Based Services

When our clients come to us, they get far more than just a maps API solution. They get expert consulting aimed at solving their unique pain points and elevating their organization to the next level of success. Here are a few that invited us along to help them make their journey.


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