Amazon Kendra Readiness Assessment

Elevate Your Organization with the Power
of Amazon Kendra

Are you ready to break free from the shackles of antiquated keyword search? It's time to engage Onix for a Kendra Readiness Assessment to determine if Kendra's powerful features can solve the business problems you face. 

We often hear from our customers that their current search tool holds them back. From stale and inaccurate search results to unwieldy upkeep, the old tools result in a lack of productivity and increased frustration. 

With Onix's proven Kendra Readiness Assessment, we'll take you through the steps to determine if Kendra is right for you. We'll provide you with numerous deliverables including a cost analysis and business case to a detailed timeline and implementation plan. 

Four Steps to Search Success

Throughout this process, you’ll determine where things stand now - and where you want to be when it comes to finding, using and sharing information.

  • Discovery

    During Discovery, we’ll identify the higher-level business problems you are trying to achieve. Using this information, we will then deliver a business use case and technical requirements and design a search roadmap.

  • Solution DesignIn the Solution Design phase, we'll formulate key success factors, create a solution blueprint, develop a future-state architectural design, migration strategy and technical success criteria.
  • Solution ValidationWe will perform technical and business validation during this phase of the Assessment. We’ll discuss scope, plan and approach to a Proof of Concept. At the end of this phase, you’ll receive a detailed project plan with an outlined budget.
  • Agreement In this final stage, we will agree on a detailed rollout plan - from technical implementation to the change management for adoption with timelines.
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Search Assessment eBook

Making a case for enterprise search

Download our eBook, Connecting the Dots: The Secret to Building a Winning Business Case for Enterprise Search. You'll learn how the Onix Search Assessment methodology sets the stage for creating a viable enterprise search business case that your C-Suite decision makers can't refuse.
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