Zoom Fatigue? Try Google Meet for Team Collaboration

Standalone conferencing platforms boomed during the past year, but disparate systems lack the synergy of more centralized solutions. Google Meet delivers the collaborative experience users crave while giving administrators enterprise-level control.

Zoom, originally targeted at a consumer audience, was one solution that enjoyed a surge in popularity among business users when the pandemic started. Its frictionless deployment was a primary factor—employees could easily use Zoom at home without struggling to add plugins or deal with configuration details normally handled by IT. Some companies encouraged their workers to use Zoom, particularly those without a good alternative at the ready or where it was difficult or time consuming to spin up new licenses for existing on-prem or hardware-intensive solutions.

Why Replace Zoom?

frustrated_laptop_user_resizeAs employees continue to work remotely, organizations increasingly see the value in bringing users back to a central, unified collaboration platform. Nurturing strong connections among team members has taken on new urgency in today’s distributed work environment, and a smattering of siloed conferencing solutions may not enable the level of teamwork businesses want to achieve. Fortunately, Google Meet has the features to drive productivity, an intuitive interface that’s already familiar to most users and powerful administrative controls that ensure you can maintain awareness around adoption, usage and security.

Nurturing strong connections among team members has taken on new urgency in today’s distributed work environment, and a smattering of siloed conferencing solutions may not enable the level of teamwork businesses want to achieve.


Zoom’s early security and privacy concerns caused IT teams some serious headaches, but many were addressed as subscriptions surged and the platform is both more stable and more compatible with corporate data policies now. With Meet, you retain true enterprise-level control over users’ consumption of services as well as their security setting and privileges. Your business is also in the driver’s seat when it comes to data privacy, something that proved challenging when Zoom’s adoption rates first began to soar.

Administrative Tools

custom-admin-trainingAdministrative capabilities within Meet far exceed the tools available through Zoom. Google’s administrative console delivers important insight into usage. You'll know how the product is being leveraged not just at the user level but also across your entire organization.

  • Who’s using Meet?
  • How many people attend Meet events?
  • How many hosts record their meetings?

More granular controls over user privileges are also available through Meet. Administrators can turn recording and live streaming capabilities on and off at the group level, ensuring that key roles maintain the functionality they require without opening these features up to everyone. You may choose to disallow the use of background images, for example, or your company might have reason to block third-party video conferencing systems from connecting to Meet events.


The simple feature set of Zoom provided an attractive solution for home-based employees needing to spin up collaboration tools without the help of an IT person standing next to their desk. As users’ reliance on remote collaboration tools continues to increase, the value of more powerful functionality is becoming clear. Meet offers real-time video captioning, which can be hugely helpful for call participants having difficulty hearing what others are saying. Everything from poor headset performance to noisy home environments can affect audio quality, but Meet users can quickly activate captioning so they don’t miss a thing.

In addition, integrations between the products in Google Workspace help employees accomplish more in less time. Want to review the recording from a Meet video conference? If Google Meet is linked to a calendar event, just go to Calendar and you'll find the recording file attached to that event. From breakout rooms to custom backgrounds, Google Meet offers the features and productivity tools your employees want in a collaboration solution.

Consistent User Experience and Better Productivity

smart-working-and-video-conferenceRedirecting your organization’s collaboration consumption from multiple platforms into Meet enables your employees to enjoy a more consistent user experience while boosting productivity. The interface your team members are already accustomed to using—controls, navigation and settings—persist across the products in Google Workspace. It’s also easy to transition from one device to another without sacrificing usability. No more fumbling for the right menu to accomplish a task or trying to decipher what an action button does. It’s all familiar to users.

Money Matters

Cost is another issue, and it’s not a small one. Collaboration expenses quickly snowballed for many companies and the trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing. If you're already on Google, why incur costs for a redundant platform? Why pay for a solution that’s a step behind Meet when it comes to features, security and integration? You can save money by adopting Meet more broadly across your enterprise. Employees’ productivity and collaborative capabilities get a boost, and your users will continue to benefit from the new features that continue to be added to the product.

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