Yes, You’ll Soon be Running Windows Apps on Chromebooks

Posted by Steve Holly, Product Manager, Chrome & Devices

Jul 09, 2020


When it has come to running Windows apps on Chromebooks, there’s always been a separation of church and state, so to speak. These two products ran parallel but never touched each other. The idea was unheard of. An untouchable concept, right?

Not anymore. Chances are you might have heard the news that these major collaborative force fields have crossed each other and now work together. Secure cloud computing might never be the same.

Running Microsoft Apps on Chromebooks is Actually Possible?

It’s no joke. If you’ve been avoiding using a Chromebook or have been lamenting that you can’t access your favorite Windows apps on Chrome OS, a new development has made these two systems compatible.

It’s possible thanks to a technology known as Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS. Google worked with Corel Corp. to create this new desktop. The solution provides online and offline access to Microsoft Office and Win32 legacy business apps from select Chrome devices with a Chrome Enterprise upgrade.

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Steve Holly, Product Manager, Chrome & Devices

Since 2008, Steve has been on the forefront of the transition to cloud-based services. He has helped companies like Whirlpool, Lexmark, Fujifilm America, Celestica, The New York Times, and the Canadian Broadcast Corporation make the transition to Google’s cloud-based services. Steve spent six years in the Navy, where he got his start in computers. During his service, he visited Japan, Thailand, Bali, Austrailia, Hong Kong, and more.

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