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Working the Way You Live: What the Office Can Learn From the Smartphone

Posted by Brian Mansell, Enterprise Account Manager on Apr 10, 2015

Working in the cloud

What if you could make people as productive at work as they are in their personal lives? Perhaps that sounds a little funny. But we live in “the new digital age” — an age that is naturally mobile, connected and collaborative.

An age where we can read the news, set up a dinner party and buy a plane ticket on our smartphone before we get out of bed. 

So why don’t we use 21st-century technology to help employees become more productive, more engaged and more satisfied? Why shouldn’t work happen with the same speed and collaboration we enjoy in our private lives?

Looking to Private Life to Drive Work Evolution

Google Cloud and Onix are committed to this idea, and we’re certainly not alone. To date, millions of organizations — businesses large and small, schools and government agencies — have begun to adopt the “work the way you live” mindset. The results have been impressive:

  • Biotech giant Genentech shaved months off its R&D cycles, saving millions of dollars each year.
  • Carpet manufacturer Shaw Industries cut its staff meetings in half because employees could easily connect and collaborate in real time. This meant they could spend more time on productive work and less time caught up in meetings.

  • Hotel and resort operator Delta Hotels says it increased productivity by 10% by enabling chefs across all their properties to collaborate on recipes and menus to make better meals at lower costs.

And that’s just the beginning.

Download the Google for Work perspective now, and learn how you can lead an engaged and collaborative workforce.

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Brian Mansell, Enterprise Account Manager

Brian Mansell, Enterprise Account Manager

Brian is an Enterprise Account Manager at Onix. Over the past seven years, Brian has focused on helping companies understand the business benefits of adopting Google Cloud solutions. Having worked with many of Google’s largest customers, Brian helps customers understand the options and best practices for deploying Google solutions.